Through the Week in Feminine Dress

Through the Week in  Feminine Dress!

This section is here to inspire you and encourage you as you seek to dress in a uniquely feminine way every day. The idea for this weekly “journal” came about as LAF fielded questions from women who said it simply wasn’t practical or realistic to “go feminine” in our culture or with all the things we have to do at home and in our communities. The photos shared here will demonstrate that it isn’t just practical; it is fun and beautiful to dress in a distinctively feminine manner on a daily basis. Lovely garments aren’t just for church!

The ladies who share their pictures in this section are real and are not just putting on a show for the camera. They enjoy their femininity and love to dress in a way that makes womanhood beautiful. Their hope is to inspire and encourage others–they do not advocate a Pharisaical or legalistic set of rules for dress, nor do they believe women who dress femininely are “superior” or “holier.” In our androgynous culture, it is harder and harder to find like-minded women who enjoy feminine dress; we just hope this section helps you to see what a delight and a joy it is to “go against the flow” and make femininity beautiful once again!

In the years since we originally posted this feature, we’ve gotten links from all over the world of ladies who have done their own “weeks” and posted them online. It has been really fun to see other ladies take up the challenge and enjoy their femininity!

Natalie’s Feminine Attire (outside link)
Susan’s Week of Modest Dress (outside link)
Mrs. B. (July 2004–posted 11/06)
Mrs. Jennie Chancey (April 2002)
Miss Merryrose Watson (June 2002)

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