The Battle Cry of Home

If I ponder it deeply enough, I am overwhelmed by God’s favor upon women, upon giving me the privilege and specific attributes needed to take part in the world-changing mission of home.

It seems reasonable to me that Satan would have launched such an attack against the home, the family, motherhood and marriage.  He knows, far better than most of us, precisely where God’s Kingdom is best advanced and he has made it his mission to seek to destroy it.

But that realization rallies within me a spirit that shouts, “Never surrender!” And so with everything in me, I feel the call to take on this enemy with one truth as my shield:  “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world”.

Biblical womanhood encompasses a vast ministry which can’t begin to be measured by one woman in one lifetime.  One wife and one mother,  by God’s grace and with a battle cry, “Not my will but Thine be done”, will launch the power of the living God in her home, and that power multiples, intensifies, and generations upon generations stand on her shoulders, reaching ever heavenward, though laden with humanity, pressing on to the prize before them.

May God be pleased to grip us with this vision, and having taken hold in our homes, may it effect change not only in our hearts, our marriages, our families, but in families who witness that supernatural power and, like a wave, advance the Army of God to overtake the destructive forces of the enemy.

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