God’s Glory is Displayed Through GENDER

I almost had to leave the auditorium, retreat to a quiet place, and process the profound revelation I had never seen that Mary Kassian revealed from that familiar passage in Genesis:

“She shall be called ‘woman’ because she was taken out of man.” Genesis 2:23

We skip right over it and miss what God is revealing here. Some of us even desecrate His very nature in our misunderstanding.

Paint it any way you like, champion the “philanthropic” nature of feminism, but, underneath, it is rooted in the rebellion against God’s perfect, created design.

That verse in Genesis is not just about a man and woman being created to live together. It was God’s crowning work with which He announced to the world all the fullness of His glory. He’s too big to be revealed in one human being. It is VERY important that we understand that without the distinct characteristics in man and woman, meant to reveal Himself through the union of the two in marriage, we only see a part of who God is.

“She shall be called ISHA, for she was taken out of ISH.”

Now here it is:

“Isha” comes from a Hebrew word meaning “soft“, while “Ish” comes from the word meaning “strength“. Now remember, God had said, “Let us make man in our image”. Adam at first embodied the whole image of God. (Even the word translated “man” in the first part of the verse has a different meaning than what we see after Eve was created.) Literally, God took the feminine softness out of Adam and embodied that in a new creation, woman. God was screaming to Adam, and to us:

You can only fully understand Me by looking at the totality of Who I am through gender.”

The reason marriage is the illustrated picture of Christ and His bride is because it is the only way two distinctly different beings can come together and join as one flesh, representing the completed picture of who God is.

Is that not mind-blowing?

And when we embrace this uniqueness, celebrating our differences, we say to God, “It is very good”.

But when we bristle at and blur these differences we raise a fist and say, “It is not good”.

And the picture gets clearer…man reflects God’s “going out” power (even in the basic anatomy and events of reproduction), while woman reflects His “receiving” power in her anatomy and her ability to house and nourish life.

This is why homosexuality is an abomination to Him. This is why a rejection of the gift of reproduction fails to display His glory. This is why an egalitarian view of marriage makes a mockery of Him. This is why when we balk at the “warrior” nature of man and the “nurture” nature of woman we act foolishly. It’s all Him!

Do you get this?

Makes me want to shout.

Speak well of God with your femininity.

7 thoughts on “God’s Glory is Displayed Through GENDER

  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve long been annoyed with modern bible translations that will use the plural in translating Gen 1:27. I understand that the need to not promote or perpetuate misogny–an unfortuate error found throughout church history (from very faulty exegesis), but Gen 1:27 never struck me as a place to have gender-neutral language. It is one thing in NT to make clear that ‘brethern’ was an idiom that included all believers, but quite another to neutralize the creation of gender!

    Your sharing has given me better understanding of my reactions–and a better way to articulate the harmony of the creation accounts to others.


  2. Thank you for this post. It’s funny how you can read things over and over, yet miss the REAL meaning! This is great food for thought as I strive to be a woman who glorifies God with the way He made me.


  3. You’re only saying this about gender because it’s your way of justifying the fact that you are a spineless degenerate.

    God wills it, right?


    1. Wow, ChristanFelix — that’s an intelligent response to a well-written article? I suggest you take more time to formulate a reply before jumping to conclusions and relegating people to your stereotype boxes. Be sure to read our FAQs and Theme Articles. Looks like you’re jumping to conclusions here.


  4. How so true what you discover about the real power behind your gender. The beauty, power and significance of our gender is entwined in the very mystery of God and how He expresses Himself in relationships in a way that brings harmony, connection and attraction.

    When God said He made mankind Male and Female in His own image He does that meant there are two sides to the same thing Himself which he wants expressed through us in our relationships.

    God was the first to introduce the concept of sex type as in male and female in describing and analyzing mankind linking our sexuality to His very nature. More than physiological differences apparent to us, or our attempts at socio- demographical classification.

    God seeks to reveal and express the dimensions of His own divine nature through us to one another. God is male and female, every word that describes God is a mystery even though it is expressed in creation.

    The female longs for the manifestation of the image of God as represented in the male and the made needs the manifestation of the image of God as represented in the female.

    When a woman seeks to be masculine she looses the peculiar attraction, mystery and interests she is designed to hold for me as a man.

    Unfortunately we have reduced our sexuality to that which the society dictates. We have limited it to fashion, sex and looks.

    Yet our true sexuality lies in our divine or sanctified sexuality meaning Sanctified sexuality refers to the dedication of the expression of our sexuality in relationship with the opposite gender to the plans and designs of God in making the way we are gender wise, such that His image is reflected in our interaction with life and in cross gender relationships.

    Actually the uniqueness of each gender is amplified when contrasted with the opposite sex.

    The male is designed to look to the female to reflect the unique image of God she only is designed to unveil in relationship and with it its transforming power in relationships.

    Until we come to terms with the power and purpose of our sexuality or gender then we cannot experience its power, beauty that enables us relate in a purpose driven rather than in a desire driven way to the opposite sex.

    Great truth!

    You may want to see these blogs on the mystery of your divine sexuality. Thanx




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