Welcome to “LAF 2.0!” (Help spread the word and earn a free download!)

This overhaul has been a long time coming, and we are so excited to introduce not only a brand new look but a totally new platform–one that will make it easier to keep LAF current. We are delighted to have on board a bevy of regular authors, most of whom have written off and on for us for many years. As time goes by, we’ll add more authors. LAF’s strength has always been in its diversity of writers–ladies (and gents!) from all over the world with different backgrounds and perspectives, and we hope to see that expand over time.

The new format means LAF is easier than ever to navigate. Simply use the drop-down menu at left to see all the articles in a given category. Looking for something more specific? Click a keyword tag. Trying to find something by a particular author or title? Use the search box! Article summaries appear on this main page. To read an entire piece, click

The old Article Manager platform is still on our server, but it now acts as LAF’s “archives.” We’ve moved all the Reader Favorites and most of the Theme Articles to the new LAF, but there are nearly 3,000 older articles archived in Article Manager. If you have LAF bookmarked, you’ll want to update that from the old “artman/publish” directory to just plain ladiesagainstfeminism.com or beautifulwomanhood.org, both of which point to this new WordPress site. And for those of you who submitted articles through the Article Manager portal, those are still in the database, and we will continue to read through them and post what’s a good fit for LAF’s audience until we’ve managed to work our way through the hundreds of items waiting there. Practically speaking, it just wasn’t possible to keep up with all the article submissions to the old LAF, but we hope to gradually catch up, bringing things over here to this new format as time permits.

We’ve also overhauled the LAF Bookstore, partnering with Christian Family Life Books to offer lots of excellent reading (look for more books in the future!). The LAF Shop has a new look as well and lots of updated items (including bumper stickers, aprons, calendars, and note cards).

We hope you enjoy the “new” LAF, and thanks so much for your patience during this time of transition. A huge debt of thanks goes to the talented Emily Rose Brookshire, who created the new site from the ground up. Without Emily Rose, there’d be no new LAF! To celebrate our re-launch, we’ve got lots of goodies to give away, so be sure to check the main page over the next week for new things! The folks at BlueBehemoth.com have given us free download codes for folks who blog, tweet, or post to Facebook about LAF’s re-launch. So, please feel free to spread the word. When you’ve posted, come back over here and leave a comment in this thread with a link to your post/tweet. Every person who posts will receive a coupon code for a free MP3 download of “The Wise Woman’s Guide to Blessing Her Husband’s Vision,” a $7.95 value! (Sorry! The downloads only work in the US; BlueBehemoth doesn’t have licenses for overseas customers yet.) Click the cover image below to go directly to the MP3 page on BlueBehemoth.

Wise Woman's Guide

PS – We do have comments open now, and all comments are moderated (meaning they will appear after they are approved by the moderator). Please do not abuse the comment feature, or we will take it offline. We had a feedback form on the old LAF, but it became counter-productive with lots of “drive-by snark” that we simply did not have time to sift through. We’d like to see our readers rise above such behavior and take time to post only thoughtful and thought-provoking comments. If the comment feature is abused, we’ll just have to remove it, as LAF is not a full-time job for any of us, and we have better things to do than to babysit comment threads. So please be courteous and respectful so that we can keep comments open for everyone. Thanks!

102 thoughts on “Welcome to “LAF 2.0!” (Help spread the word and earn a free download!)

  1. I posted a link on my facebook page but to avoid debate and flames, I made it visible to only certain “friends”. It’s not public so you probably can’t see it…but it’s there! 🙂 So excited to check out the new site…thank you to everyone involved in making this available!



  2. Love the new look! Looking forwarding to reading the articles. Thank you so much for the work you’ve put into this to encourage us. Thank you also for offering this download. (It’s one that’s been on my wishlist.) I posted about the site on my blog. Thank you.


  3. I am so gload that thi site is back and much improved. Thank you for such tremendous effort. I am defefinately looking forward to reading your articles to be better equip to Glorify Our God.


  4. Jennie… I am just so tickled to see my most favorite site evah back up and running. You have been much missed, indeed.

    And if you decide to have a single-homeschooling-mama-type voice on board this ship, I hope you’ll consider mine. I would absolutely love to be a part of LAF♥


  5. I linked on my Twitter! SO excited to see you guys are back! I LOVED a feminism documentary you were involved in Jennie, it was called Monstrous (something with a really long name, can’t remember 🙂

    Anyway here is my link: http://twitter.com/Kensylynn

    SO excited about this giveaway!!!



  6. Jennie,

    It is so exciting to see LAF back up and running! The new look is awesome!

    I posted about it last night on my blog http://www.mrsrabe.blogspot.com and my blog posts get posted automatically to my FB wall. Also I put a button on the sidebar of my blog! Spreading the word!

    Thanks for all your work on behalf of Biblical Womanhood!


  7. I forgot to ask…How do we get the code? Is it e-mailed to us?

    I am loving the new articles!!!

    I even texted my friends who do not have twitter/facebook/blogs to let know about you guys!!!


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