Feminism in Christian Colleges?

When it comes time for Christian families to decide if they will send their daughters to college, most of them have a lot to think about. But something I think they don’t stop to think about long enough is how college–even a Christian one–can affect their daughter’s idea of Biblical womanhood.

One would think that a Christian college with a reputation for being conservative would be a feminist-free zone where a godly view of womanhood was promoted and honored, but as I can personally attest to, that is not the case. I have sat through literature classes where the male characters are badmouthed, picked on, and mocked, while the women are raised onto a pedestal–even the ones that committed adultery, abandoned their children, left their husbands, and committed suicide.

I have sat under a feminist professor who proudly proclaimed her choice to forever curtail her reproductive abilities so that she could never have children with her husband, because she wasn’t the “mothering type.” She promoted never having children to the class, and I watched as young ladies were drawn into her opinion because they were attracted to her air of confidence in herself as a woman. This same woman told the class that “we don’t hear enough about men submitting to their wives.” And when one girl was brave enough to say, “that’s because wives were told to submit to their husbands,” another confident feminist student explained that Paul was a man, and the translators of the Bible were men, so they had simply changed the Bible to fit their own desires regarding this passage.

The truth of the matter is that Christian colleges, for the most part, have given up defending the parts of the Bible that come under attack in our culture today and taken up the same “causes” of the secular world: feminism, environmentalism, and extreme racial sympathy (to the point where every white person is an oppressor). I don’t believe that Feminism on Christian college campuses is a just a “little issue” that can be safely ignored either. As can be seen in my earlier example, feminist interpretations of the Bible are a challenge to Biblical inerrancy. If the Bible was wrong about women submitting, then what else did its authors change to fit their own views?

If you are a parent who has poured yourself into raising your daughter, you may still be very concerned about your daughter receiving a degree. After all, what if she doesn’t marry or if homeschooling laws change and she needs a teaching credential to homeschool? Although I don’t really believe that a college degree is necessary for a woman, I do think that the threat of homeschooling laws changing is a real possibility to prepare for.

So how does a woman obtain her degree without leaving home completely? My friend Lydia is one such young woman who has been able to remain a stay-at-home daughter while working on her education. You can read about her reasons for doing so here and find helpful tips and resources about the programs she has used here.

Please take a minute to look at her testimony and consider the benefits of keeping your daughters at home while they are completing their education! Even though your daughters may be exposed to radical Feminism while taking online or community college classes, it is an entirely different thing to live in an atmosphere where Christian teachers and students dismiss God’s design for women, and thereby undermine the His very Word.

This piece originally appeared on Tiffany’s blog True Femininity

6 thoughts on “Feminism in Christian Colleges?

  1. Thank you for this article. I am in the midst of preparing a talk for a Christian worldview conference and your post complements the information I will be sharing. Keep up the good work!


  2. Overall I appreciated the things this article brought up, but I would like to have environmentalism defined. I am a follower of Christ and love that God has given us women a special role to glorify him. I do not understand what is wrong with being responsible for the earth God gave us. I know there is a lot spoken about being good stewards of our finances, some spoken about being good stewards of our bodies but not much spoken about being good stewards of our earth.

    Secondly, please go into more detail about extreme racial sympathy. I am a black woman and I have yet to know of any of this extreme racial sympathy directed toward me. Could you tell me more about this movement or is it only a few words by people in passing? In fact, I have wondered how well received my half black daughter will be in the homeschooling circles when she is older because I see so few black people that currently homeschool.


    1. I’m sure Tiffany will chime in here, but I wanted to point you to LAF’s “Start Here” article, which addresses the issue of racism and our stand on it. We have black and white (and Asian and Hispanic and blind, for that matter) writers here at LAF. Skin color has nothing to do with biblical womanhood, nor is it a “western” or “white” thing. What Tiffany is talking about are the extremes of both the environmental and racial equality movements, which seek to right real wrongs by returning evil for evil. We’re all for godly environmental stewardship (we have many, many articles about the harm that hormonal contraceptives do to the environment and about how women can get out of the wasteful “fast food” lifestyle that doesn’t reflect good stewardship of God’s resources). There are environmentalist groups that advocate ridding the earth of human beings or forcibly sterilizing people they deem unfit. In short, the radical environmental movement worships the creation rather than the Creator. We can love and care for the earth without worshiping it or placing it above the needs of our fellow human beings. And the answer to racism isn’t more racism — the answer is bringing up a generation that isn’t caught up in an entitlement mentality and doesn’t believe rights come from the State; they come from God, Who created all in His image (“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth” – Acts 17:26a). I was home educated by my parents, and we had black friends who homeschooled. But we never thought of them as “black” — we just thought of them as “friends.” I think that’s our goal as parents, isn’t it? But I understand how important it is to network with families from similar backgrounds, too. I recommend popping over to Jasmine Baucham’s blog, as she addresses this from time to time (as a black homeschooler).


  3. Thank you Jennie, I do indeed read Jasmine Baucham’s blog, that is actually how I found LAF. I have also read LAF’s Start Here article and heartily agree with it. While this is the first time I have signed in, I have read most of the articles on here and on LAFs archives and enjoy them immensely.

    Thank you for reiterating LAF’s stance on both of these issues. I too disagree with making idols out of the environment or martyrs out of every non-white, but I do believe in making “environmentally friendly” choices whenever given a chance and esteeming others as “better” than yourself.

    I think by what you wrote above we are definitely on the same page. I suppose I was “primed” to question statements such as what was written in the article because just recently I was told by a conservative white minister that the homeschool, quiverful etc. beliefs were based on white supremacist ideology. While I agree with theses beliefs despite what this minister said, by the statements in the article I questioned if there was some truth to this ministers thoughts.

    Perhaps in the future when one writes about these types of ideas like extreme environmentalism you can link some of the articles that describe it (or are written by extremist) like you have for Planned Parenthood etc. Maybe this will better communicate what the writer of your article is trying to convey and stave off any potential misunderstandings (especially from people who are looking to be insulted or pick a fight).


  4. It is sad that so very many “Christian” colleges are like this, but really we can say the same for so many “Christian” churches. I’m shocked when I hear that the same things are being preached in conservative churches too. I am truly blessed to be a member of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church that preaches the true word of God, and preaches against feminist ideals that only turn girls, young ladies, and women away from God’s ultimate goal for women. And I’m so glad that our church promotes one of the few Christian colleges that also preaches the truth. I never realized until the recent years how rare it is to find this.


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