Chinese city detains 1,300 in compulsory sterilisation drive

No comment necessary on this one:

Chinese family planning authorities have detained 1,300 people to sterilise as part of a crackdown on parents who violate strict birth control rules. Authorities in Puning, a city in southern China’s Guangdong province, have detained the men and women against their will in cramped offices, according to state media. There they are being forced to listen to lectures on laws limiting the size of families.

Officials in Puning last week launched a 20-day campaign to sterilise 9,559 women or their husbands who they suspect of planning to have a second or third child.

Read the full article HERE. (Be warned, the Daily Mail sidebar is full of tabloid-style stories and photos.)

3 thoughts on “Chinese city detains 1,300 in compulsory sterilisation drive

  1. So China still hasn’t recognized the damage they’re doing to their economy with these birth control practices??? That actually surprises me. I really thought they figured it out by now. hmm


  2. I read about this on The Times website. I was disgusted, but not surprised, that China are being so extreme about this – naturally a Communist state would be happy to go to such lengths to achieve it’s aims, and wouldn’t care one jot about personal freedom.

    What I was shocked by were the comments left by Times readers. Many thought forced sterilisation was a good idea, and suggested the policy should be exported to England and they would vote in the upcoming general election for a party who would suggest such a policy!

    The rationale behind the views expressed were motivated largely by environmentalism – I find it frightening that it has become such an overriding philosophy for many. No matter that forced sterilisation is a hideous trampling upon personal liberty and freedom – reducing the population for environmental purposes is the ultimate good and so the totalitarian ends supposedly justify the means. Scary stuff! I just hope the views expressed were not representative of the majority of Brits!


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