Skirt Giveaway from The Modest Mom!

I don’t know about any of y’all, but the last time I was pregnant, I came out of the maternity store with a shell-shocked look on my face. It seemed everything was suffocatingly tight, too short, or too plunging. Forget about being comfortable while pregnant–I was supposed to look “hot” or at least “in” with all the zany prints and wild color schemes. I went back home and dug through my old maternity things to find anything I could bring back to life.

Too bad I didn’t know about The Modest Mom. Owner/designer Caroline offers a beautiful variety of maternity skirts both custom- and ready-made, and you can also browse through a wonderful selection of gently used tops perfect for your maternity wardrobe. Not expecting? She also offers regular skirts in lovely colors and styles.

This week TMM is offering a free skirt (custom- or ready-made!) to one fortunate LAF reader. All you need to do is share this giveaway on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, then come back here to post a comment with your link. We’ll draw one winner through on Saturday morning. 🙂 (This post will remain “sticky” on the front page until the drawing is completed.)

And don’t forget to visit The Modest Mom by clicking the banner below!

45 thoughts on “Skirt Giveaway from The Modest Mom!

  1. What a great giveaway!!!

    I know the feeling of going to a maternity store and feeling that all the clothes are looking like something you would wear to a night club or something LOL Way to sexy for me hehe!

    I love modest mom store, she as wonderful modest skirt and top:-)

    Here is my link on twitter for this giveaway

    Have a blessed day


  2. If anyone is interested, Meijer has some great cute long skirts right now in their stores. They have elastic waistbands so they can be worn if you are pregnant or not pregnant. I’m 7 months pregnant and they are sooo comfortable….it’s all I wear!


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