Raising Homemakers

It’s here!

The Raising Homemakers website launched today! It is so exciting to have a place for all of us mothers, daughters, grandmothers and women from all types of backgrounds– to be able to gather and be encouraged on this blessed journey of raising godly daughters and preparing them in the arts of homemaking to bring glory to our King.

I believe it is so important to equip and inspire our daughters with biblical wisdom, life skills and good works to bless the world around them. I also believe that it is equally vital to impart vision and offer encouragement to them so they understand their purpose here on earth…that is why I am so excited about being on the team of  inspiring contributors at Raising Homemakers and looking forward to the wisdom we will find there. This will be a place for mothers and daughters to do exactly that and to really focus in on the womanly and domestic arts in the 21st century.

And to celebrate the launch, we are having an wonderful give away bundle that you won’t want to miss—the perfect set for any aspiring or present day homemaker! Here is a sneak peek at one of the books they are giving away:

(I love this book and highly recommend it for all mothers and daughters alike, there is much wisdom to be learned here.)

Don’t delay, visit Raising Homemakers today!

2 thoughts on “Raising Homemakers

  1. Dear June,
    I am so excited and happy you have started this new blog.
    For years the Lord has been preparing me to teach a group of girls and young women to be homemakers.

    Just recently the Lord put on my heart it was time to start, so I brought up the idea to the pastor and elders of our church. The pastor suggested I use the upcoming Ministry Fair to hand out fliers, and explain what I will be teaching.

    Your books and materials are great resources and your blog is a confirmation and an added support. Thank you so much!
    I also follow your blog A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings, Mrs. J. Westrup


  2. One of my favorite blogs EVER…..RH is amazing! I also follow up on Big House in the Little Woods, A Wise Woman Builds Her Home (wink, wink), and King’s Blooming Rose. 🙂


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