Motherhood: It’s Not Just Something I Am

It’s hard for me to understand how the masses became convinced that motherhood was a “peripheral” job. In an interview I recently had, I concluded:

Being a wife and mother is not just something we ARE; it’s something we DO.

And that changes everything. Because that “doing” is magnanimous. What we do, that is, what we are supposed to be doing, has far-reaching, even eternal implications. It’s physical, it’s emotional, it’s spiritual and it’s constant. No other profession surpasses this one in import, yet we spend little to no time training for it. To the extent we prepare for and engage ourselves in the profession of managing the home, we change the culture. To the extent we dismiss our professions, we change the culture.

We cannot escape our profound influence on the next generation. God has given it to us for our stewardship. We can choose to give it to someone else, but the responsibility is still ours in the end.

A book could be written on what this managing the home entails. My mind reels even now of so many areas that wives and mothers are influencing. But it doesn’t happen “on the side”! It’s not extra and it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s downright messy and all-consuming. But in God’s economy, it’s glorious.

Lately, it falls hard on my heart, the realization of how important it is to teach our children to “think rightly”. About everything. There is sweeping deception running rampant around us–in the church, in the media, in the schools–everywhere. As a society increasingly rejects God’s Word and His sovereignty in our lives, mayhem is the result. And the more rampant the deception around us, the more vigilance is required at home to offset it. I’m trying to say that a word here or there is not sufficient. We’re talking Deuteronomy 6 kind of teaching.

And why are so many adults being swept away by deception and following after the god of self? Primarily because as children, they weren’t “rooted” in truth. And a plant without roots is easily blown around “by every wind of doctrine”.

Children grow up shaped by something. Every day someone will teach them, influence their thinking, sway their opinions, and lay the groundwork for their life choices. And that someone, that something, will affect everything they do, reaching even to their children and grandchildren, affecting their lives too.

It needs to be us. It needs to be us, transmitting to the generations coming after us, the truth of the gospel, the power of God to order our lives, the freedom of living for Christ when he shows up each day to guide our thoughts and choices. He changes everything when we let Him.

One thought on “Motherhood: It’s Not Just Something I Am

  1. So true. Our job is priceless and all to soon children are grown and persue God’s call on their lives and our influence changes. We see the fruits of our labor in their lives. We as mothers must be there for our children and train and love them every step of the way. In the blink of an eye, full time parenting is over.


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