Motherhood: I Tremble at the Word

“How could not the station of Motherhood, the very utterance of the word, evoke such wonder, such awe, such honor, as to render every human in its hearing speechless!

For my very ability to hear the word, to ponder its meaning, exists only because I was given birth…by a mother…brought into the world through a series of miracles not even science can explain.

What privilege! What incredible prestige that God gave me, a woman, the special office of bringing new life into the world! Despite sickness, discomfort and pain, I, a mother, ultimately get to embrace the overwhelming honor of ushering forth a human being! Perpetuating the very existence of civilization!

Lord, I must pray for humility as I ponder what an awesome position I hold!

May my heart break to see a disdainful glance thrown at a mother…Surely, Lord, you grieve at every comment not loaded with jubilation, spoken of an expecting mother!

From here on, I adamantly renounce the world’s hatred of your precious gift of children…your tender office of motherhood, and your miraculous ministry of nurturing the next generation.”

-Kelly Crawford

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