You CAN Stay Home: Earning Money From Home

So what to do if you have saved all the money you can save and it still seems difficult to stay home on your husband’s income?   In a Proverbs 31 fashion, you can add to the family income and be a huge blessing to your husband; it can also be a valuable teaching tool as your children learn first hand the nuts and bolts of finance, profit and work ethic.

The same principle applies here as to saving: a little adds up to a lot. So don’t neglect the day of small things!  And remember, if you have debt, paying that off as intensely as possible will greatly relieve the strain of the finances.  For your inspiration…

***I just read a sentence from Dave Ramsey’s book about building a $1000 emergency fund as fast as you can before you start tackling debt.  He says:***

“Twist and wring out the budget, work extra hours, sell something, or have a garage sale, but quickly get your $1000. …Get crazy…If the Joneses (all the broke people) think you are cool, you are heading the wrong way.  If they think you are crazy, you are probably on track.”

Our Skin Product Business

Obviously, many home business are started out of a need to earn extra income. Our skin product business got started one Christmas when I was searching for recipes to make homemade gifts. The more I found, the more I kept thinking that not only would they make great gifts, but a lot of people would be willing to buy them! So in a few months, I had collected and tested recipes, gathered supplies, and began marketing our products. That was four years ago, and the business continues to grow.

If you would like more information on how we make money selling these products (and how you can start a similar business), I sell an e-book explaining everything and since I’m so excited about helping anyone interested, I’m going to knock that one down to $1.00 through the weekend (that will cover my download site fees and if I offer it for free, it will only allow a certain number of downloads). Just click HERE to learn more!

Win $25

I entered this contest a few years ago and received a $25 check.  Easy and fun!  Thought you might like to enter your best frugal tip for a chance to win…Better Budgeting


The Internet provides opportunities for stay-at-home moms like never before. If you are willing to learn, the ideas are virtually endless. There are e-books, writing e-how articles, affiliate programs (selling other people’s stuff for a commission), buying wholesale products to resell, domain purchasing and reselling, and all sorts of opportunities along those lines.

-Affiliate selling is a popular way people are earning. If you have a web page, blog, Facebook or lengthy email list, you can sign up and earn money by selling other people’s products–it costs nothing, and once you’re signed up, you do nothing, except get paid for recommending stuff!

-E-bay or Craigslist is an easy place to start. Everyone has things lying around the house they could get rid of. Why not earn some extra money while you’re at it? It’s much easier than a yard sale!

The very first thing I sold on E-bay was an old Shakespeare book that I bought at a yard sale for .50. I didn’t even have a digital camera yet, so no pictures or anything. The book sold for $27.00! Needless to say, I was hooked! Of course it doesn’t always go that well, but you never know! One time I sold 12 very old, used accompaniment cassette tapes for $100! I was jumping up and down!

Other Ways to Sell Stuff

Of course there are still the old-fashioned methods of yard sales, and consignment shops. Don’t forget those!  A good place to sell text books (and you can see before you bother how much they will pay you) is

What do you love? Sweet Potato Pies.

What is it you enjoy doing? Ask yourself if your interests could be turned into a profit. I’ve spoke often about a year funds were really tight at Christmas.  My husband’s grandfather had given us a heap of sweet potatoes, so we scraped up some grocery money, bought the remaining needed ingredients for sweet potato pies, spent a few days baking and the kids and I drove from door to door in our neighborhood selling them.  We had people call us the next year asking if we would be coming again 😉  I treasure that memory and I’m glad the hardship caused my children to be able to partake in an industrious response instead of a defeated one.

A word of caution, though:

Don’t let a home business consume you and therefore destroy the very reason you’re at home! Be very careful, and of course your husband should be the “President” and overseer, for your protection.  I must carefully limit my time and parameters blogging and at this point, am able to maintain regular posts, check email and answer our wedding business questions spending about 6 hours a week.  If I find extra time late at night or early morning, I use it if needed.

What are your money-making ideas?

4 thoughts on “You CAN Stay Home: Earning Money From Home

  1. Since I used to be a computer programmer with my education leaning on the hardware side, I make a little extra side money now and then repairing people’s computers. Most of the time it’s just a matter of removing spyware and virii and installing proper protection software. I also always run a disk check and defrag. In rarer occasions, I have to ‘nuke’ the machine (remove personal files, reformat the hard drive, and reinstall everything from scratch)

    I charge significantly less than the local Best Buy. A lot of the fixing involves starting a process running and then leaving it to do its thing over the course of several hours, and I prefer not to charge people umpty zillion per hour when I’m not actively doing anything to the machine.

    I’ve also designed and built gaming computers on request and upgraded older machines. A lot of times an old E-Machine can nearly double in speed just by upgrading the RAM for $50 or so by the time I’ve purchased it and put it in the machine. (I do 15% markup on parts and charge for labor.)

    Basically, if you know what you’re doing, computer cleaning/repairing is kind of like piano tuning. It takes some skill, practice, and knowledge, but it’s a pretty well guaranteed stream of income (since people keep browsing with IE and forgetting to run their maintenance tools), and it’s relatively unobtrusive for a homeschooling mom with a baby. It also saves the customer’s money, because too many people use a computer until it bogs down in spyware or develops a faulty piece of hardware and then declare it broken and buy a new one. For $50-150, depending on the problem, that machine can be made as good as the day you bought it… or better.


  2. I like to use and I can get about $50 a year in gift cards through Mypoints, probably more if I was diligent with it. Associated Content is a website for writers. You earn money based on how many views your articles receive. When I first joined, they paid outright for your contribution and a couple years ago they started the pay-per-view system. A term paper I wrote 5 or 6 years ago in college still earns me $1/mon. So in the last two years alone, my term paper has earned me almost $30, with no effort from me! (I did write about teens and sex from a Christian perspective, so it tends to get more views than other articles based on subject matter).


  3. I SO want to stay home. My husband wants me too, as well. I’ve commented on previous posts about our desire to be home. I need advice from my wiser sisters in Christ! Right now, I work full time and I have a part time job doing transcription from home, which is great, and I’m also a consultant for a direct-sales skincare company. I guess essentially I have 3 jobs. Without my full time job, we would have $200 left over every month. This is not counting health insurance, which we have through my full time job. We couldn’t afford private health insurance if I quit my full time job. We have scaled back every possible thing to scale back. We live on bare minimums. I don’t make Starbucks runs, we don’t over-buy on groceries, we don’t make expensive meals, we dont’ go out to eat. We literally pay our bills and buy groceries and gas. My husband still wants me to work full time. What advice does anyone have?


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