The new feminist housewives: How the latest generation of graduates are choosing full time motherhood over high-flying careers

‘They couldn’t believe it when I told them I have chosen to be a full-time mother,’ says the 27-year-old, who lives in South-West London with her husband Richard, 30, a teacher, and her children George, four, and Verity, two.

‘I could tell from their reaction that they couldn’t help assuming I must be bored stiff  –  but that is simply just not the case….

And Ellen is not alone in holding what many women might perceive as an antiquated view  –  a growing number of young, well-educated British women are striking back at the have-it-all generation and choosing motherhood over careers.

After decades during which the number of women who work has steadily increased, it appears the tide is turning back to a more traditional family model….

What’s also clear is that many more mothers would follow suit if they could. A survey revealed that 52 per cent of mothers return to work because they cannot afford to stay at home bringing up their children. Only a small minority, just 22 per cent, return because they actually want to continue their career.

Read the rest here. We find it ironic that the writer wants to label this as a new “radicalism” when it is simply a return to the time-tested model that is best for children and families and flies in the face of feminism.

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