“In Day Care, the Ends Aren’t Everything”

Our good friend Candice Watters has some excellent things to say in response to the argument that daycare is actually good for mothers and children:

Last Sunday, after eating scrambled eggs and donuts for brunch, we shifted to the living room for coffee and conversation with our guests, a young newly married couple in the throes of a job search. He, a recent engineering grad is in full-on résumé mode. Suit at the ready, he’s pursuing every possible lead so he can provide for his family. She, a liberal arts grad, is content to see where his job search takes them and then look for work once they’re settled. They’ve been married one year and are ready to start their family.

Best samples for Vanessa-5

As they talked through their prospects, including one offer that would pay him less than their minimum budget, she teared up with the reminder that she may have to “work indefinitely.” If Leah McLaren were in the room, she’d undoubtedly encourage my friend to buck up, get a job she loves and stay with it. Even after the babies arrive….

Read the rest at this link.

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