Train up a child in the way of a…prostitute?

I am heartbroken for the little girls out there who are not only unprotected, but exploited – even by their own parents.

I was absolutely apalled today when I read the following article, which included a video of 7-year-old girls at a dance competition! They were dancing to bump and grind music, in red and black stripper bikinis, gyrating for the crowd:

“The signs are all there: The hip-grinding come-ons. Legs kicked up to the ear. Skin-baring lingerie. This particular video remake of Beyoncé’s hit “Single Ladies” follows a rubric of raunchy moves straight out of the pole-dance manual. But the performers, according to published reports, are 7-year-olds.”

CLICK HERE to read the whole article.

And this isn’t an isolated incident. When I was a kid I took baton lessons at the local rec. center. My sister took ballet and gymnastics. They offered a lot of different classes; but, I don’t recall any pole dancing classes. I guess I was born too early for all the fun.

Tantra Fitness, a dance studio in Canada, offers pole dancing classes to kids and is even debating a mommy and me class.

And, last year, 16-year-old Disney star, Miley Cyrus, proved quite the role model, demonstrating her pole dancing skills at the Teen Choice Awards.

Pole Dancing Classes for little girls.

Hug your children tight tonight. And pray for all the little girls out there whose parents don’t seem to know any better.

“And they built the high places of Baal which are in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire to Molech, which I did not command them, nor did it come into My mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.’” (Jeremiah 32:35, NKJV)

18 thoughts on “Train up a child in the way of a…prostitute?

  1. You aren’t kidding!

    Hubby and I talk about enrolling our daughter in dance classes, but we’re not sure because of the emphasis on the recitals, the racy moves and sexed up costumes that are popular now. If we do decide to enroll her, I’m looking at Irish Step Dancing or Highland Dancing because I know what the costumes and dance steps are.

    My SIL was looking for shirts for her 5 year old girl and came across two discusting T-shirts. One said, “Future Hooters Girl” and the other said, “Make Em Drool Early.” She was appalled!

    Katy Perry was recently filmed doing a version of her song “Hot and Cold” with Elmo for a Sesame Street segment. SS aired it on youtube and the feedback from parents caused them to pull the segment from their programming. Why? Katy Perry is wearing a revealing bustier and mini skirt. I watched a news clip from The Today Show on it and they all said they didn’t see anything wrong with her outfit! It’s Sesame Street!!


  2. What was also sad about this story was the discussion from the reporters. The ladies over-talked the man and didn’t understand that at ANY age, this behavior was, in his words “bizarre”. The lady reporters seemed to think that this was only a bad thing because these girls were seven. While it makes it even sadder that these were little girls, they missed the point that this behavior is unacceptable at ANY age (outside the bedroom of course).

    Really, how do we expect our children to act? They are reflect our actions.


  3. Well, Stacy, this happening everywhere. You’d be surprised how close to you it is. It’s called cheerleading. My sons play football for a Christian league against other Christian schools. I am simply appalled at the hip-gyrating, provocative dance routines these girls display during their routine at half-time. Appalled. How can parents allow their innocent daughters to to be exploited in such a way? Don’t they even stop to consider what the men in the audience are thinking about their daughters? And we’re not even talking about the immodesty of a lot of the cheerleading outfits. For anyone who has daughters who cheer and is offended or disagrees with what I say, put it in this perspective: what would your husband or friends think of you if you dressed exactly as your daughter does and you did the same hip-gyrating dance routine in front of all your friends?


  4. I had a very long, drawn out discussion of BOTH of these issues about a month ago on Facebook. It amazed, saddened, and disgusted me how many people truly found no offense, and even came to the defense, of these parents. I’m reminded daily how blessed I am to be able to raise my daughters up to act like true ladies, and Daughters of the King, rather than be sucked in by the world’s lies about what they “should” be doing.

    It also, if you read secular literature, reminds me a LOT of Brave New World. I read it in high school, and re-read it about a year ago. On this particular issue, the parallels are astounding. So sad, and so obvious where we’re heading. Lord Jesus, come soon!


  5. Yikes! Where are these girls biological Fathers? The little girls dancing was very inappropriate! The pole dancing classes for children are also abhorrent. I would be very curious if all five little girls in the Beyonce dancing video have traditional families. By traditional, I mean living with a biological Mother and Father. My Father would NEVER have allowed this (not that my Mother would have) and would have made quite a point of his disapproval to those involved. My husband would never allow my daughter to “perform” in this manner. It would literally be over his dead body!

    The male commentator was visibly uncomfortable and danced (so to speak) around his opinion of what these children were doing. Incredibly, the women commentators just felt the girls should be a little older.

    I will come out and say I lay the degradation of these little girls (Beyonce dancers and pole dancers) the feet of their Fathers, who allow this to take place.

    The costumes are clearly lingerie, underwear for adult women in a child size. Speaking of which…have you seen the Halloween costumes on the shelves this year? Almost as bad. Adult lingerie in little girl sizes. Parents will parade their girls around house to house at night (in October, when it is cold) in little more than what these girls were wearing.


  6. It disgusts me. We are sexualising our children. What happened to the days when children were children and not mini-adults? I see in the stores – Play Boy t-shirts in age 10 to 11 years, Pole Dancing kits in the toy section of toy stores, thongs – yes thongs! Available from the size 5 to 6 years!

    Don’t even get me started on the way Bratz dolls are dressed.


  7. As the mother of pre-teen sons, I am equally concerned with the aggresive sexualizing of little girls. We are in a battle to train our sons to show honor and respect to ladies–yet few are to be found. More often, we must intervene to train our boys how to shield their eyes when confronted with unladylike behavior , language, or attire. We pray that more fathers will once again have a desire to protect their daughters, rather than cave in to allowing “self expression” in the form of such degradation.


  8. I have been so saddened by the movement of the current dance culture. Shows like “Dancing with the Stars” grieve my heart as I see men and extremely scantily clad women (who are often times married to OTHER people) dancing provocatively with one another, putting their hands all over each others bodies, hugging and kissing one another. And their spouses are sitting in the audience applauding their behavior. (I did watch the show one time when it first premiered years ago) It’s so sad that we have come to accept this behavior as normal and that we seem to glorify it in this country.


  9. There have been a few performances over the years at my church that have involved girls dancing. My church is moderately conservative and the dances were not suggestive and the girls were not immodestly dressed most of the time.

    Dance movements draw attention to the body. As I saw these performances right up there on the same stage that the worship is led on, I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable and wonder if any of the male congregants were gawking. These are lovely young ladies whose integrity must be protected, but unfortunately our men lack integrity themselves.


  10. This saddens me as well. Are the mothers so longing for attention that they will go through their daughters. As “we can’t do this anymore so let’s just live vicariously through our daughters.”. This world is full of pedophiles and to purposely put your children on display like candy at a store counter is beyond ignorance….it’s just plain “stupid” for lack of a better word. I love my little girls more than words can say and all I hope for them is all the happiness that their little hearts can hold but if they were to ask me to join a dance studio such ad this I’m afraid that the answer would be a flat out “no m’am”. When they are grown it will be them buying the clothes that fill their closets and the shoes upon their feet. As long as their father is supplying the money they will learn to respect their bodies. (if you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect anyone else to.). Sorry but this really stirred my gravy tonight!!


  11. I just wanted to add that what really drives me up the wall is that those of us who are uncomfortable and/or offended by this nonsense, this blatant sin and sexualization of our youth, are the ones being called “perverted” because we see it for what it is. No wonder that male reporter danced around the issue. He’d be drawn and quartered for actually coming out and saying the truth and he’d be told he’s the one with the problem.


  12. In response to ladyscott’s first comment – I was shopping for clothes for my infant daughter at a chain department store, and found onesies with slogans like “future heartbreaker” and “sexy like mommy.” Sickening!


  13. I am shocked! But you know what? Most folks don’t bat an eye at cheerleaders on the sidelines of sporting events- children and adults. My husband and I disagree with the idea that a girl should be exploited via such means. It was a slippery slope from the cheerleading/ mixed group swimming to this. Read “The Public Undressing of America.” These girls are wearing more than some girls their ages on the beaches and poolsides. As my husband says: if there’s nothing for sale, don’t advertise!


  14. I have seen this before, and I’ve also seen segments on TV on child beauty pageants (which are just as bad I think).

    I love dancing. I think it is a wonderful way of exercise and artistic form…and little girls love to dance and play and be like ballerinas or princesses…but this is just trashy. If I had a daughter that was into dancing, I would encourage her to do folk, or jazz or classical dancing. There’s no way around it…the parents are brainwashed into thinking that this is ok!


  15. Wow……. and I thought I was the only one who thought the word was sexualizing children earlier and earlier. Last week I put a dress on my daughter who is almost 2 months old……it came out to be shorter than any common-sensed adult would wear. Yesterday; I was looking at dresses for her and it is bad when a 12mo size looked like a 3-6 month. Like my husband said; what are they making the size smaller to where kids will dress more provactively and has anyone noticed that when women stopped dressing modestly; there started to be more and more rapes and stuff? Have these parents who lt their kids do this ever go to think of how others see their daughters? I for one love dancng but this is insanity not dancing. What happened to the old days when little girls were little girls; not mini adults?


  16. This is quite sad, but true! Young ladies today should not be exposed to these inappropriate things! I know that I would never let my daughter do such a thing!


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