Protecting is a Part of Good Parenting

There is a gross misconception about the “harmless” exposure to the messages bombarding our children through music, television and peers.  (Whatever things are TRUE, PURE, JUST, HONEST, VIRTUOUS, PRAISEWORTHY, LOVELY…)

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2 thoughts on “Protecting is a Part of Good Parenting

  1. I remember my mother and father as being quite ferocious in their protectiveness of us children. People were not welcome to make comments like, “what cute little monsters”. When I was in girl scouts one of the leaders called us “gremlins”. When my dad heard her say it, as a passing comment to another leader and not directed straight to us, my dad immediately removed me and took me home. I never went back.

    Our TV watching was always viewed with our parents or we could watch the occasional cartoon that was approved by ourselves. We didn’t have radios in the house and when we were in the car it was oldies or the news or country. We also were not allowed to wear any slogans on our clothing. My parents were against “messages” printed across your chest. So, while I pined for my friend’s ability to wear whatever she wanted, I found her ridiculous when we went into a local Kmart and she hid behind me the whole time because she didn’t want to be seen there.

    When it came to literature, my mother would read every book we read so that if we had questions we could ask them and if we wanted to talk with someone about how cool a certain part was, she was there, listening.

    We were not allowed to speak swear words and we were constantly corrected if we used slang. It was a big deal if Dad was correcting us because it involved a lecture in being mature and professional and our ability to get a good job and communicate with others.

    I made a comment once to my mother, when I was in community college, that I was going to be agnostic (or rather that I didn’t believe in organized religion). This message was what I was listening to day in and day out by friends and teachers. I had never voiced this to anyone because I was used to using my mom as a sounding board to see if I got the term correct or not (by having her correct me or flesh it out). I was surprised by her anger and thought she would chuck the dinner at me that she was working on (or at least the spoon). She gave me a vehement lecture about the truth of Christ and our need for religion in our lives and that if we didn’t have someone who spoke the truth to follow we would be blinded by charlatans who wanted to damn our souls. Her response was so surprising I tried to explain why I said what I did and we then got into a discussion of holding onto our faith when others wanted us to give it up.

    It is possible to protect our children from the messages of the world, or at least teach them what those messages really mean. My parents gave us discernment which I find more invaluable than anything I learned in school. I hope that when my children are growing and maturing and grown up that I can instill that same passion of faith and be just as tenacious as my parents were.


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