Surgeon: birth control pill a ‘molotov cocktail’ for breast cancer

How often do doctors in America prescribe a Group One carcinogen – one recognized as a “definite” cause of cancer – to otherwise healthy patients?

Answer: as often as they prescribe the hormonal birth control pill.

This little-known fact about the pill was presented by Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a breast surgical oncologist and co-founder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, who shared her expertise on the drug at the “50 Years of the Pill” conference in Washington, DC on Friday….

“This stuff is not new, it’s not magic, it’s in the literature,” she said, linking pill use to the 660 percent rise in non-invasive breast cancer since 1973. “Women want to know, and women have a right to know, what researchers have known for over 20 years.” She compared media treatment of the pill’s cancer risk to that of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which was found to be carcinogenic in 2002. Once word got out, 15 out of 30 million women in America taking HRT stopped; by 2007, invasive breast cancer in women over 50 for estrogen-receptive positive tumors dropped 11 percent.

Meanwhile, she noted, hormonal contraception – essentially the same drug as HRT and with a similar cancer risk, about 25-30 percent – continues to be touted as harmless and even healthy. And yet, the International Agency on Research of Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization, classified hormonal contraceptives in 2005 as a group one carcinogen along with asbestos and radium.

Read the entire piece HERE. Where is NOW on this? Planned Parenthood? Silent. Follow the money. Big pharma and Planned Parenthood won’t be publicizing this any time soon.

4 thoughts on “Surgeon: birth control pill a ‘molotov cocktail’ for breast cancer

  1. Oh, I remember those ignorant days gone by when I went on birth control (ortho-tricyclene and later the Patch) because it was what every responsible young woman did before she got married so she didn’t get pregnant right away. I was NEVER told by any of my healthcare providers that the pill can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting. I was only told that it prevents ovulation. I was also told that it was perfectly safe. I don’t know why I figured that messing with my hormones in such an unnatural way was safe.

    It depleted by body of much needed vitamins so badly that I wondered what was wrong with me. I was tired all the time, and had a very difficult time concentrating on tasks that needed to get done. I developed pains in my legs and when I asked my health care provider about them after reading about blood clots due to birth control, she just brushed me off. She said it was due to a lack of exercise and my other issues were probably diet-related (possible blood-sugar). Then why did the symptoms go away when I got off birth control?

    When I found out that the pill and patch can cause abortions and confronted my health care provider about it and about her not telling me, she got defensive and said that it was my responsibility to find that stuff out, not hers.

    The out and out lies of the birth control industry is sickening. Even in my OB’s office, I saw a pamphlet that categorized different forms of birth control. Under chemical, they listed the pill, patch, depo shots and stuff like that. Under non-chemical, they listed the IUD and Nuva ring. So, I looked it up online. Where these really non-chemical (non-abortive) forms of birth control? NOPE! They do release chemicals and can cause abortions.

    Thankfully, my OB is very respectful of my stances. He always asks just once at my 6 week post partum visit, but never pushes or gives lectures.

    And now we’re shoving Gardisil into our boys and girls with no long-term research. Would you let your kid lay his hand on a burner set on high if you gave him an oven mitt to wear? Probably not. I think, without going into details, you catch the point I’m making.


    1. All excellent points, LadyScott. Thank you for sharing. I remember girls at the Christian college I attended being pushed to go on The Pill by our campus chaplain during pre-marital counseling sessions. I was floored. When I brought up the abortifacient nature of The Pill, I got crazy looks. One girl told me, “The chaplain wouldn’t promote this if it caused abortion!” How I wish that were so….


  2. I posted this on my Facebook page. My ultra-leftwing cousin in San Francisco immediately posted the following comment: “These studies were done using 2.5x the amount that most women take today and MANY women use progesterone-only pills.”
    While I agree wholeheartedly with this article and am opposed to the use of the Pill as on OC, my cousin is very hard-hearted. She has no interest in hearing the Gospel in any way. But I’d still like to argue her point scientifically. Unfortunately, most of the news articles I’ve found either are from sources she’d discount or are liberal ones that make a point of saying how “green” population control is. Does anyone know of a respected scientific source that shows that progesterone isn’t healthy, either?


    1. Cathy, the gal who presented the information is a breast surgical oncologist–basically a specialists’ specialist–and she is drawing on 37 years of research. Googling the studies she references brings up respected medical journals and medical research organizations. If that’s not convincing enough for your cousin, I don’t know how else to steer her. Progesterone therapy isn’t accepted across the board for post-menopausal women, so that might be an area to research. One of my family members dropped her progesterone pill like a hot rock once she realized the terrible health effects it could have. She is now using natural, nutrition-based supplements and getting great results. Pumping our bodies full of extra hormones is just nutty….


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