Lose your kids, find yourself

This has been making the rounds on the Internet and was a source of discussion on the Passionate Housewives Desperate for God Facebook page last week. There are so many things going on here that it’s hard to comment on them all, but Mariette Ulrich on Mercatornet has done a good job:

Salon, the Woman’s Day of the Manhattan set, has a feature called Real Families, described on the site as “a personal-essay series that celebrates the surprising and ever-shifting nature of domestic life in the 21st century.”

“Surprise” is hardly the word for what I felt, though, when I came across an account of Salon’s latest “real life” in an article on Yahoo. It was, by turns, so depressing and exasperating, I hardly knew where to being writing about it.

The original story is headed, “Why I left my children”. Here is the gist of it.

“Rahna Reiko Rizzuto says that she never wanted to be a mother.”

Call me old-fashioned, but once you take Baby home from the maternity ward, it’s a little late for that sentiment, isn’t it? …

In my estimation (questions of abuse or violence aside), it is unnatural and heartbreaking for either parent to leave the marriage and family, but particularly poignant when a woman chooses to leave her children. Kids need love and stability, not only when they are small, but right until they walk out the door to college. Many of us have experienced the dizzying speed of this life cycle. Children are small for only a short time; they grow up too quickly. But not quickly enough for some.

Read the entire piece HERE.

4 thoughts on “Lose your kids, find yourself

  1. This is soo sad! I feel bad for those kids–how would these women like it if their mom just decided not to be a mom anymore! I wonder why she thinks that her kids have “improved”? How can they be secure and better off? I just think people want to “find themselves” are just looking for an excuse to be selfish and irresponsible. They’re the people who love that book “Eat Pray Love” and try to find some higher meaning of life without all the responsibility. I’ve got aunts and cousins who exemplify this to the max and their kids are not better off at all–it’s left a huge mark on our family! I can see relationship issues brewing in these people’s lives!


  2. This isn’t the beginning of women abandoning their children. I really think that as believers, we must hold to the standard of marriage and family that God has made- that we are like Christ and the Church in our marriages. The children will be loved in that kind of relationship. 🙂 The world sees that as crazy, but we know that what is good will be called evil and what is evil called good.


  3. You know, I’ve taken the time to find myself. I’ve spent the last two years doing it. At home. AFTER taking care of my children. When they go to bed it’s mommy time for a few hours. I spend that time writing, reading my Bible, and doing my hobbies. It’s made me a much happier mother and wife and I didn’t have to leave anyone behind to do it.

    I feel so bad for these children and I thank God everyday he sent my boys to me. I wish more people felt that children are blessings.


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