A Beautiful Circle

“Now I have to give you this kiss (pointing to his thumb), and now I have to give you these kisses.” He points to each little finger and kisses me twice for each finger.

My heart bursts forth with love.

I’m so thankful for God’s grace.

The little reminders of His grace that really aren’t so little…

…sweet kisses before quiet time.

…the inquisitive, constant questions that I don’t always have an answer for.

…the moments when the words are said wrong but oh so right too.

Grace showered on me in the form of little boys.

I’m so undeserving.

I watch as they grow. Little bow-legs straighten, curls loosen, souls strengthen, bodies lengthen, minds sharpen.

And I’m reminded that it’s in the raising, the every day moments, the weaving of hearts, where love grows.

Each moment is an opportunity to show Jesus to them.

How I respond to the questions, the wrong but oh so right words, the sweet kisses; they are all opportunities to teach Love.

And in teaching Love, Love is given.

A beautiful circle.

Like a dancer turning, the earth orbiting, the womb growing.

Grace given.

An unending, beautiful circle of love.

The picture: God’s grace in the form of our first born, very bow-legged son, on a Florida beach. He is 10 months old. Now he is nine and no longer bow-legged.

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