Expectations and broken people

Amy over at Humble Musings has had marvelous posts over the years. This one she put up yesterday is just an example of her straightforward, biblical thinking and loving application of God’s Word. Beautiful.

Ah, realistic expectations. Pesky little things. When I floated an idea to my husband yesterday, which may or may not have been crazy-ambitious (depending on which medication you’re on), he said, “You don’t need any more ideas, dear. You just need a staff.” That was a fancy way of saying that he’s not getting roped into spending the weekend in the lumber section at the Home Depot. He knows how to squash my caboose, but it’s truly saved us a ton of money.

Now here is where it gets nuanced. Many years ago, I learned that my life would go better if I didn’t have huge expectations of the other people in my life. Antinomies are tricky little things. I think they’re both true: you must have expectations, and yet sometimes, you just have to let go of them.

Letting go of the need for affirmation or the expectation of reciprocation allows us to love others as Christ loved us….while we were yet sinners.

Read the entire piece HERE.

2 thoughts on “Expectations and broken people

  1. Well, this was a great post! I tried posting a comment over there, but ran into an “internal server issue,” so I will just post here that I really enjoyed it. Jennie, you always find the best posts, it is one reason why I love coming to LAF! 🙂


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