Donations for the Crawford Family Who Lost Their Home in Tornado


Dear Readers, we need you to pray for Kelly Crawford of Generation Cedar who is also an LAF contributor.

We have heard that they just lost their home, and their parents home, due to a terrible tornado passing through. Apparently they had taken refuge in their basement with a few families. Praise God that they are okay and pray that the Lord would comfort them, strengthen their faith and provide during this difficult time.

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home is taking donations to help their family. If you would like to send something to help, you may donate any amount here.

PLEASE share this on Twitter and Facebook or post about this on your blogs so we can get the word out to help them! Please spread the word at your churches to pray for them as well.

UPDATE: I have just been notified that you can also help by donating to other families struck by this horrific disaster through Providence Church who has set up a Tornado Relief  fund.


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