Teach girls to say “no” – British MP

From Carolyn Moynihan over at Mercatornet:

British secondary schools are required by law to teach the biological facts of human reproduction in science lessons, but students themselves often say the instruction given is too biological. The facts also speak for themselves: Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

So when Conservative MP Nadine Dorries (pictured) introduced a private member’s bill last week calling for all schoolgirls aged 13 to 16 to be given lessons in how to say “no”, you would have expected a good response. After all, she was not asking for the biological bit to be replaced, just something in the way of character education to be added.

However, her bill just scraped through by 67 votes to 61. And those 128 votes represent only a fifth of membership of the House of Commons (650 seats). Further, it is by no means assured that the bill will receive enough support from the conservative coalition government.

Read the entire piece here. It never ceases to amaze us that thinking adults believe all teenagers are animals with no ability to make wise decisions or delay intimacy until marriage. There are many of us out here who waited until marriage and have satisfying, emotionally fulfilling physical relationships with our spouses — not to mention no regrets or fears of STDs.

3 thoughts on “Teach girls to say “no” – British MP

  1. Good for MP Dorries, I say! At various times, I’ve worked with teen girls in church activities and I’ve known many who strive earnestly to make wise decisions. Society sends so many harmful and conflicting messages to girls; some instruction in how to resist would be a great idea. I was lucky to have parents who taught me how to make decisions and speak up for what I had been taught was right, but not everyone has had that. It’s sad that character education doesn’t get more support.


  2. While I believe personally that our teenage pregnancy rates in America and Britian are ridiculous, I must say that I understand, being a teenager myself, that it is hard to say “no” when you’re in a pressuring situation. Let me clarify that I’ve never been in a sexual situation like that before, but I have been caught in very tempting situations which challenged my beliefs greatly. There have been times (most of them, thankfully) where I was able to stand up for God, but regretfully there have been times when I have gave in. I have asked for forgiveness, and I know God has forgiven me. 🙂

    But I agree with Amy – with so many conflicting messages sent out to young women and men, I can’t imagine how many teens without good, God-fearing parents are confused about purity. It is taught that “sex is safe as long as you use protection or are on the pill” and “purity is for goody-two-shoes church girls”. I wish a bill like this would be passed in American public schools!


  3. I agree, there is a need for such bills in the US, I live in Mississippi, and we have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country, and something definitely needs to be done!
    Praise the Lord for MP Dorries, willing to take a stand for purity and abstinence.
    Purity needs to be protected, and sadly it’s not. The world is endorsing a school of thought where it’s alright to have sex, and do anything you want. And even within the churches of Jesus Christ we see a rising number of young girls who aren’t preparing for marriage, honoring their parents, or their bodies.

    I thank the Lord for this site, and otheres like it (Vision Forum, NCFIC) they are teaching Biblical truth, in a sea of manipulating theology.


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