Positive dimensions of population growth

Here’s an excellent piece from Bernardo Villegas:

MANILA, Philippines — I have spent more than forty years of my professional life telling economists, business people, academics, politicians, government officials and the public at large that population growth can be a most positive factor in the attainment of long-term sustainable human development.

My advocacy of a culture of life was actually prompted by the scientific studies of one of my professors in the doctoral program in economics at Harvard in the early 1960s, the famous Nobel laureate Simon Kuznets. As the father of national income accounting and a notable economic historian, he showed through empirical research that population growth was a major stimulus in the industrial revolution and economic growth that happened in the more advanced economies during the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth history.

With data pertaining to almost a century of economic development, he convinced us his students and many of his colleagues in the economics department of Harvard that there was no truth to the Malthusian theory of development and that population growth was a very positive contributor to long-term economic growth….

Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew has already publicly acknowledged that the stop-at-two campaign during his time as Prime Minister was a mistake, considering the demographic winter that his country is now experiencing. Very recently, the Chinese are reconsidering their one-child policy because of the very real prospect that China will be one of the first countries in the history of mankind to grow old before becoming rich.

Strangely enough, even with 1.3 billion people, China is now suffering from acute labor shortages in key industrial cities and a tremendous imbalance between the male and female populations.

Read this in its entirety at THIS LINK.

2 thoughts on “Positive dimensions of population growth

  1. It is frightening. The only people allowed to have more then one child is someone who lives in rural area’s and the first child is a girl but the rates must be very low and some are not getting married at all. That is what a worker from China told me.

    What is scary is China could invade another country to get more labor as low birth rates and war I am sure have a connection because a nation needs more people. I would suspect also that one child has allowed wages to be lower because at most you only have one child to support so you were willing to work for lower wages.

    I don”t know where this ends already with low population growth with women just relying on the men in the government and sadly male religious leaders as well who don’t really want a woman to marry a man that may not agree with the religious leader in all areas as I do think that religion if it is just about “faith” it does alienate men because in their jobs and in other activities they can’t rely on “faith” and they expect religion to have the same standards.

    Surprisingly even some Muslim countries like Iran and their despotic country have under replacement value birth rates at the present time from what I understand although others are doing okay as I do think those with low population growth need to fight a war to be able to get more young people in their economy.


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