Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty of Life!

From Kathy Brodock of Teaching Good Things:

Before we had kids I was an expert on children! Yep…it’s true! THEN God gave me some and I repent and confess I know very little!

I think part of my ignorance was because I had two siblings growing up and I was at a baby sitter or at school for the majority of my childhood. Both my parents worked and the few hours in the evenings together were spent doing a few chores and watching TV, everyone did their own thing. We did what most American families did, I’m not blaming… I’m just sayin’.

This is one of my main reasons why I say it is not a good thing to be away at school for all of your childhood. It does not prepare you for real life, unless you are preparing to stay in an institution all of your life (school, cubical, career, prison). Most likely you will not be prepared to resolve relationship issues, nurture family relationships, have a healthy marriage, nor be well trained to run a household smoothly. In an institutionalized school you learn to take what is fed to you, answer their questions according to their answers, and be prepared to find a good job/career.

Sadly, none of that equips us for the nitty gritty stuff of life. Yes, we need good jobs, but more importantly we need to know how to live as a family, loving and serving each other. You can make millions of dollars a year but if you don’t have a healthy marriage and good family relationships what does the money matter?

Read the entire piece HERE. Thanks for sharing, Kathy!

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