A Cultural Emergency

It has become so apparent that even CBS Sunday Morning had to comment on the startling statistics. After decades of societal revolution and “gender equality,” even the workforce is beginning to pay the price. The latest labor statistics prove it.

With unemployment hovering near double digits, husbands and fathers are finding themselves edged out of the office. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, unemployment rates for men over the age of 20 remained at 8.9% last month, while women the same age experienced unemployment rates nearly an entire percentage point lower (8.0%).  And it is not for lack of trying; while nearly three-quarters of the men are either employed or looking for work, nearly 60% of women the same age are competing with them for their jobs.

Five years ago, the Department of Labor reported that women held half of the professional and managerial jobs. Now, the balances are tipping in their favor. What will the workforce look like in another decade, when women take over the high-level jobs and more than half of the workforce?

How will this change our culture, as husbands increasingly struggle to find employment and provide for their families? How many churches will struggle and missionaries plea for support as offerings fall off as unemployment continues to rise? How radically absurd will stay-at-home motherhood appear to the next generation? Will “homemaker” even be on the census form?

It is up to Christian families to stand in the gap, to boldly live counter-culturally in an upside-down world.Women in the workforce is not evil in itself (I have worked myself at times, both in and out of our home). But the lie behind this cultural phenomenon is evil. It is not wrong to support our husbands financially, but it is blasphemy to supplant God’s order for the home. It is critical that we as biblical Christian women recognize this trend, understand what is happening in our country, and determine our paths according to Scripture.

Ever since Satan told Eve she could have so much more (Gen. 3:1-6), women had been tempted to do more, know more, be more. Feminism says women can do it all, because Satan says we know what is right for ourselves (“ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil”). Feminism doesn’t consider what God really said (“Yea, hath God said?”). Feminism don’t stop to count the cost to the family (“she gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat”). Feminism is secular humanism in a skirt, and it is so easy to put on. It is just another god.

We know better. We know that husbands can wisely lead the home spiritually, physically, emotionally, educationally, and financially (Eph. 5:25- 6:4; I Tim. 3:1-12). We know that women can manage their homes, counsel and support their husbands, train their children, and encourage those around them to fear God (Titus 2:3-5). We know the family can reflect kingdom principles. We know that God will bless and honor those who follow His way (Deut. 28:1-4; Matt. 6:33).

We should not, then, be passive onlookers to this rapidly changing culture. Rather, there are definite steps we must take to demonstrate our opposition to the secular humanism around us:

  • We must continue to support our husbands physically, verbally, emotionally, and spiritually. They are on the front lines every day, and we are their first line of defense. Our prayers must shield them, our hearts must honor them, our lips must praise them, and our arms must embrace them.
  • We must carefully train our sons and daughters regarding biblical family roles. Sons need to expect to care for their families, regardless of the difficulties they face. Daughters need to learn submission and home economics now more than ever. Our children will decide whether the biblical family will continue another generation.
  • We must encourage our friends to resist the feminism – and other lies of secular humanism – of our society. Sadly, we have become so desensitized to our perverse culture that it is creeping into our churches, our private schools, and our homes. By graciously, kindly, gently encouraging one another, we are fulfilling God’s purpose for us as women.

Teach the young women to be sober-minded, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

– Titus 2:4-5


4 thoughts on “A Cultural Emergency

  1. I agree so much with your point about encouraging our friends. I know many women who work full-time but who, deep in their hearts, really long to be home caring for their families and supporting their husbands as they lead. However, they feel not only financial pressure but cultural pressure to remain in the workplace. I’ve had several conversations with friends recently about the importance keeping the home and hearing this described as work of value and purpose really does seem to change the hearts of some.


  2. Goodness its so nice to read this. even as I type that i feel the need to disclaim myself as not an ogre man who wants to dominate my wife. Its sad that i have to feel the disclaimer more strongly than I feel agreement to your article. Its sad that feminism holds that kind of sway over men who have pure motive and gentle intentions, but it does, and we men cannot do anything or say anything to change it. Preachers cant teach clearly the things you have said because they are men.

    its up to you, women, to sort this out now because its too far gone for men to fix. Let me temper that, for men to try and fix this would necessarily bring initially more chaos. If preachers preached it, folks would leave the church at wife’s urging. If men wanted to hear it there would be a spike in divorce rates. The feminists have held captive men’s natural tendency to please women.

    I post a lot at ChristianForums.com and if you go there to the married couples section and read the blatant feminism that in my opinion represents mainstream American church today, you will be shocked. This is what you face.


  3. Thank you for this great article!
    You said in the article that “It is not wrong to support our husbands financially.”

    Will you expound on that?
    Thanks so much !


    1. Hi! Read Proverbs 31 for examples of how a wise wife helps her husband financially. This ideal wife is using her creative talents to sew things for the merchants, then she turns around and uses her earnings to expand her family’s estate and make it productive (buying a field and planting a vineyard). Family-based and home-based businesses are a great way for wives to supplement the family income and get their children involved in entrepreneurial projects from an early age. 🙂


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