UN Women Advances Radical Agenda at U.S. Universities

UN Women, an agency of the United Nations created last year to promote the advancement of women, has spent the year hard at work getting schools in the United States on board with programs that fail to make progress against serious mistreatment of women but instead focus on a liberal social agenda.  They advocate not economic empowerment, but sexual “rights,” including prostitution, abortion and the condemnation of marriage and the family.

This past spring, at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), a worldwide curriculum for comprehensive sex education was proposed that calls for legalization of prostitution and advocacy of same-sex marriage, and classifies abortion as a human right.  The curriculum also regards marriage as a “relationship often entered into out of social, religious or economic pressures,” and disregards the connection between marriage and parenthood.  While genuine oppression does occur against many women around the world, especially in Muslim countries, the commission fails to address these concerns, and rather degrades women further by suggesting that only sex education issues are of pertinence.

Read the entire piece HERE. (Not for young readers.) Just further proof that what marches under the banner of “women’s rights” is centered around all the wrong issues and does not address concrete human rights needs around the world. Women are human beings, endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights, just like men. We must address violations of these fundamental rights rather than inventing “rights” like abortion out of thin air (a “right” that only exists with the taking of another human life, it should be noted).

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