Create Beautiful Needle Art for Your Home – with a coupon code!

Would you like to make lovely things for your home or gifts for others? Perhaps you feel “all thumbs” or never learned to sew. Here’s an easy way to learn–and teach your daughters at the same time! You can “Stitch and Learn” with Laurie Latour, Founder of Future Christian Homemakers. Her e-book, The Guide to Gingham Embroidery, brims with over 130 photos, taking you step-by-step through each project. Make bookmarks, Christmas cards, ornaments, and a tissue box cover – each requires only a few inexpensive supplies.

Gingham Embroidery is easier than cross stitch. Stitches are made on the checks in the fabric, making it especially easy to teach children. Stitching quickly fills the gingham, with little or no counting involved. It is also easier on the eyes than counted cross stitch – a real plus for seniors!

You’ll learn more than just Gingham Cross Stitch in this book. The Gingham Lace Stitch is what sets this needle art apart. For more than 100 years, ladies have used this easy woven stitch to create the look of lace inexpensively on aprons, tablecloths, clothing and more. The e-book shows you how to use the Lace Stitch on a tissue box cover, a Christmas card, and Christmas ornaments.

The 50-page ebook includes an alphabet and number chart so you can stitch names and words to create bookmarks such as these, or your own projects.

The Guide to Gingham Embroidery is available for instant download from The Homemaker’s Mentor. Until July 31st, Homemaker’s Mentor is offering a special sale for LAF visitors! Get $2 OFF the regular price of $11.99. Enter coupon code GGE2LAF at checkout.

The Future Christian Homemakers’ Handbook is also now available as a single download at the same link. You’ll also find a free download on Egg Cookery. While you’re at The Homemaker’s Mentor, be sure to check out their many helpful homemaking resources, including a “Freebies for You” section!

Want to read more about Gingham Embroidery and enjoy photos from Laurie’s gingham collection? Read her article “Summer Fun with Gingham Embroidery.”

One thought on “Create Beautiful Needle Art for Your Home – with a coupon code!

  1. I remember this! When I was younger, it was called “chicken scratch.” Gingham Embroidery sounds a lot nicer! 🙂


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