Preview of the results of “Sewing Love!

I got a few quickie photos taken by a friend back in Alabama and hope to post a full report with more pictures soon, but I wanted to get this up now so you could see a preview of the thrilling day!

See that stack of boxes on the right? Those are from families all over the US and Canada!

After a month of coordinating with The Sewing Machine Mart in Birmingham, awaiting the arrival of donations from families, and receiving the surprise news that BabyLock would be donating two sewing machines to the families, the team in Alabama was able to coordinate the Lee and Crawford ladies for a luncheon date on July 6th. The ladies sat and talked about the tornado and how much it had changed their lives but how amazed they were at the outpouring of love from Christ’s Body. Little did they know more was to come!

After finishing up lunch, the group made its way over to The Sewing Machine Mart, where they admired all the wonderful wares available. Shop owner Catherine came forward, wreathed in smiles to welcome the group and didn’t hint at the surprise right off:

That's Catherine on the right. Mrs. Lee's back is to the camera...

Then the fun began, as Catherine revealed the two beautiful new machines from Babylock, rolling totes to store them in, a high-tech iron for each family, lots of other goodies from the shop, plus certificates for classes to learn to use their machines to greatest advantage. Thank you, thank you to all the donors who made it possible to purchase all the accessories from The Sewing Machine Mart for the Lees and Crawfords! But the fun wasn’t finished yet! Next Catherine revealed the huge stack of boxes from donors all over the US and Canada, containing material, notions, patterns, custom-made clothing, crafting supplies, and more! LAF writer Diane Shiffer and her family had spent two weeks going through all the donations to sort them for the individual families and make sure everything got to the right place. What a treasure trove! To all of you who took the time to make items or send beautiful things from your “stash,” thanks a million! What the storm destroyed, you have more than replaced. Kelly Crawford sent me a note the same day that I want to share with you:

I am DIZZY from all the excitement today of getting our sewing gifts!!! I can’t believe what an unbelievable surprise you orchestrated! I have always wanted a Baby Lock machine…I borrowed one once and have wanted one ever since. I can’t believe all the wonderful things…just can’t believe it! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a magnificent surprise and all the work and coordination behind it. My girls are equally giddy and we’re turning our wheels over here in a super-entrepreneurial way ;-) Feeling your love all the way here…


When we have the rest of the photos from this special day, I will be sure to post them. Just wanted to give you an update and say THANK YOU for all the love you poured out through this surprise event. It was wonderful to see the results of the Body of Christ pulling together to bless two families devastated by the storms that tore through the South in April. And thanks also to the many who wrote to ask how they could donate to other relief projects in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. Thank you to Carol K. for the idea to host an online “Sewing Bee” in the first place. Thank you to Diane for taking on the gargantuan task of sorting and cataloging all the donations. A huge thank-you goes out to Catherine of The Sewing Machine Mart and Rita Farro of The Sewing Expo, who helped make the connection with BabyLock, as well. What a blessing you have been to these two families!

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