Morning Motivation! Daily Encouragement for the Christian Wife

Christian wives everywhere have a burning desire to live for our Lord. Many though, are overwhelmed and discouraged. Knowing that this is not what the Lord has for His children, they search for encouragement in their highest calling, that of being a wife and mother. More often than not their search is in vain.

The word of God has much to say about believers encouraging and building one another up. “Iron sharpens iron.” Join Jenifer Ross of Renewing Homemakers weekdays, July 18th through August 5th for “Morning Motivation! Daily Encouragement for Christian Wives”

Each morning participants will have the opportunity to submit live questions and comments, and get live answers about anything and everything relevant to homemakers. There will be guest hostesses throughout!

Click here for more information or to register (The first week is free! If you miss a session you can listen to it later at this link.)

One thought on “Morning Motivation! Daily Encouragement for the Christian Wife

  1. We are on day 3! We had our first guest speaker, and she was amazingly encouraging! This is 100% FREE! Please do take a minute to register. You will be blessed!

    Visit the site to see the other guest speakers we have lined up.


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