Contraception is not preventive care

This is an excellent commentary by Denise J. Hunnell over on Mercatornet. So much of the howling coming from the left about de-funding Planned Parenthood centers around the notion that women have a “right” to contraceptives as a normal part of health care. That argument simply does not hold water.

In a July 18 New York Times op-ed , Dr. Vanessa Collins, a physician and vice-president of medical affairs for Planned Parenthood Federation of America offers an interesting but erroneous argument for mandating insurance coverage of contraceptives as preventive medicine. First of all, preventive medicine implies the prevention of a pathological condition. Pregnancy is anything but pathological. Artificial contraception is an elective medical therapy for those desiring to block a totally normal and healthy physical condition. Not only is contraception elective, but the decision to have sex should be elective as well….

Sexual activity is elective. Preventing the normal consequence of sexual activity, pregnancy, is elective. The use of artificial contraception to prevent pregnancy is a personal lifestyle choice, not a medically recommended therapy. Therefore, artificial contraception should not be considered mandated preventive medical care. In these tight fiscal times, we cannot afford to be too inclusive with what constitutes preventive medicine.

Read the entire piece at THIS LINK. (Not for very young readers, but a good thing for parents to discuss with older children.) Also see a related piece by Robert Stacy McCain at THIS LINK.

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