Is Your Birth Control Killing a Baby?

From Jess Clark at Moral Outcry.

“About our security measures,” says the preschool director, “We have a couple of airtight ways of keeping the kids safe and in the building. One: we have locks on the doors. Two: we have security cameras and staff keeping an eye on the parking lot. Those 2 measures almost always work, but on rare occasions, they get past those security measures, so we have a guillotine at the door. Nobody gets past that.” “Great!” you say.“Sign us up!”

That’s insane, right? Already you know where I’m going and are typing flaming response comments in your head. Hang on a minute. Let’s just look at this practically.

If you are pro-life and preventing pregnancy, you might be violating your own convictions, unaware. Here’s why. 

Click here to read the rest of this vitally important piece.

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