Self-control, not birth control

From the Philippines:

Saying that the reproductive health (RH) bill can erode one’s dignity as a person, a student of the University of the Philippines said youths need self-control, not birth control.

“The youth are in danger of thinking that contraceptives will protect us from different STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), when the only real solution is chastity and self-control,” John Juat, a member of the UP Against the RH Bill.

“Contraceptives degrade the dignity of a person, making that person a mere object of pleasure and making sex selfish rather than self-giving. Contraceptives will make men predators rather than protectors of women, and women objects rather than persons,” Juat said in an article posted on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines news site.

Juat said the youth are being led to think that being responsible means using contraceptives.

Read the entire piece HERE. Excellent.

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