Should 40-something moms dress like their daughters?

From Mariette Ulrich at Mercatornet:

When it comes to fashion advice, it seems the young are leading the way.

The study of more than 300 mothers and daughters found that adolescent girls have a powerful influence on the make-up, clothes and hairstyles chosen by their mothers….

The desire to look one’s best isn’t new or strange; it’s a normal human aspiration. The alarming part is to what extent women are going: these days celebrities are not the only ones spending tens of thousands on cosmetic surgeries to turn back the years. And some folks certainly need to regain a sense of good taste: when one looks around the average mall or city street at what people are wearing, it’s obvious that our capacity for self-delusion is fairly deep when it comes to what we believe enhances our appearance….

And on another level, it really doesn’t give a good example to the young. It suggests, somehow, that growing up is something to be feared and avoided, instead of fully lived.

Read the entire piece HERE. What are your thoughts? Is there such a thing as age-appropriate dress that our culture has forgotten?

3 thoughts on “Should 40-something moms dress like their daughters?

  1. This is such a fact of life! Does anyone remember the days when children longed to be grown up, and wear grown up clothes?

    You see people everyday over 30 trying to look like they’re 16–tight jeans, cleavage in your face, tattoos and piercings all over and crazy hair.

    Has anyone noticed that everyone seems to flaunt their tattoos these days—like choosing capri pants just short enough for the tattoo on the calf or ankle to be right at the hem or low riders just low enough for the tattoo on the lower back to be peaking out and more obvious with every move?

    It’s men and women. Even old men run around in town in shorts—did your granpa ever wear shorts to town? Mine did not! They might have worn them at the lake or beach but never to the hardware store.

    It’s just so sad.


  2. This only disturbs me when I see really old women trying to dress hip. Like women in their late sixties. All I have to say, is thank goodness most moms have stopped wearing the dreaded “mom jeans” I have to think there is a bigger problem with married women dressing frumpy.


  3. My daughter and I just discussed this subject today. We were looking at a sixty-something woman who was wearing jeans, t-shirt, flip-flops and a very young, trendy hair-do. She looked positively frightening.

    It occured to both of us that if she were wearing age appropriate clothing and hair, she would have been quite lovely.

    “Like a candle in a holy place
    Are wrinkles in an aged face”


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