Is marriage “just a piece of paper?”

Another piece from the Daily Mail:

Instead of pouring our energies into organising a wedding, we put heart and soul into building our lives together. We developed successful careers, bought a lovely home in London, made good friends and had happy children. On the surface, we had the perfect life. Marriage or no marriage.

In that regard, we were like an increasing number of middle-class couples who co-habit, have children and see no reason to formalise their shared commitment to a lifelong future with a wedding ceremony.

And yet, it seems it wasn’t enough. Because despite all those years together, and all those children, David and I are now in the process of splitting up. We are divorcing without ever having married….

For years, I told myself — and others — that marriage for me was just a word, a formality, and that David and I were as close as any married couple. Now I’m not so sure. Maybe, if we had made a proper commitment in front of our friends and loved ones, if we had said those binding, meaningful words, we might not be in this situation.

One thing I do know is this: it’s far easier to separate when you are not married than it is if you are.

Read the full piece HERE. (Watch out for the tabloid-style photo links in the sidebar.) Co-habitation is rife with serious problems, even when there are no children involved, but it’s doubly sad (and damaging) when children get stuck in the middle of a crumbling “relationship” with no legal or moral constraints to encourage their parents to try to work things out.

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