Lack of parenting to blame for teen moms

This is a cogent letter to the editor that states what should be so obvious: throwing contraceptives and sex ed. at the out-of-wedlock birth problem is not and never has been the answer:

During my 40 years in health care, I have provided care to thousands of women, the majority of which have been teens. We in health care are always discussing teen pregnancies and often disagree on the reasons behind the high rate.

Even with the availability of birth control options, I hear that the pregnancy was unplanned and no birth control method was used.

There are more than one reason for such high rates. My opinion differs from some of my coworkers. To me, the vast lack of parenting contributes to the problem. When teens become mothers, there often is no parental responsibility. The infant is placed in day care within a few weeks of birth. The teen is able to return to the behaviors that contributed to her pregnancy.

Read the full letter HERE.

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