Smoke and mirrors

This piece from Aussie writer Bernard Toutounji at Mercatornet is spot on:

Why do governments want us to believe that smoking cannot be safe but promiscuous sex can?… I have never smoked, have never had any desire to smoke and nothing frustrates me more than walking down the street and breathing in the secondhand smoke of the person puffing away in front of me, but this latest legislative push does cause me to wonder about the haphazard approach that federal policy takes to the health of its citizens. It’s more than haphazard, actually; it’s hypocritical….

Sadly, general Western society has fallen into the pit of relativism so we are impotent to stand up and actually say that promiscuous sex is not glamorous, that it is better to wait until marriage to be sexually active because there is a far higher chance of happiness on every level and a genuinely decreased risk of a diseased body and diseased emotions. After all, there is no condom for the heart.

Read the full piece HERE. (This one is not for young readers, but this is definitely a topic parents need to discuss with their young people. The “safe sex” message is deceptive and devastating.)

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