Marriage: What’s in It for Men?

From Suzanne Venker:

A new report by Pew Research Center shows that barely half — 51 percent — of adults in the United States are married. In place of marriage are nontraditional living arrangements — including cohabitation, single-person households, and single parenthood — that may likely continue. The share of adults who are currently married could drop to below half within several years….

Indeed, it isn’t a coincidence that marriage rates have plummeted alongside America’s fascination with the feminist movement. Empowerment for women, as defined by feminists, neither liberates women nor brings couples together. It separates them. It focuses on women as perpetual victims of the Big Bad Male. Why would any man want to get married when he’s been branded a sexist pig at “hello”? In the span of just a few decades, women have managed to demote men from respected providers and protectors to being unnecessary, irrelevant, and downright expendable….

Feminists assured women their efforts would result in more satisfying marriages, but that has not happened. Rather, women’s search for faux equality has damaged marriage considerably (some might say irrevocably, but I’m an optimist) by eradicating the complementary nature of marriage — in which men and women work together, as equals, toward the same goal but with an appreciation for the unique qualities each gender brings to the table. Today, men and women are locked in a battle. The roles have changed too drastically, and the anger runs deep.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t call that progress.

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3 thoughts on “Marriage: What’s in It for Men?

  1. I thank God daily for delivering me out of the deception masquerading as “feminism”. Despite making countless sinful mistakes and being so far away from the Lord at the time I met my husband, God still saw fit to work a miracle in our lives individually and collectively as a couple. We could have just as easily ended up as one of the alarming statistics in that article.


  2. This article points to a very foggy and uncertain future for many young men.

    We experienced what the article is describing last summer when we attended our first all-feminist/New Age wedding. The bride’s sorority sister officiated, the maid of honor supplied the rings and gave the toast, the bride stood at the reception to thank the guests for attending and gave compliments to her in-laws, etc., etc.

    The groom and other males of note just dressed up and showed up without uttering a word. (Well, maybe a few words on the part of the groom when the couple made promises, rather than taking vows, to “love you without possessing you,” …whatever that means??) We left the festivities feeling “off” and rather hollow, and later wondered what role the husband would have in the future.

    The bride is the daughter of dear Christian friends of ours, who are praying that she will return to the biblical foundation upon which she was raised. It seems that she became quite caught up in feminism/self actualization in high school and college which led her to stray from her faith. The contents of the ceremony, and the feminist mindset she has adopted came as quite a surprise, and we pray that she and her new husband together will come to accept God’s best for their souls, and their marriage.

    Jennie, thank you for including this article to keep in the forefront societal trends facing our children as they approach adulthood. Such articles, and recent experiences with several friends’ young adult children departing from Christianity, have helped us to become more vigilant in covering our teen sons in prayer.


  3. Ladies, here’s one of the biggest reasons, if not THE biggest reason, that Christian young men are leery of marriage: the behavior of their mothers — your Christian sisters.

    My wife and I were married at age 21, two days after graduating from a conservative Christian college. We have three sons, ages 23, 20, and 16. The oldest graduated from a Christian college last year and is a 6th grade teacher. He is tall, good-looking, brilliant, fun, heavily involved in a very good church, and has many friends of both genders. But he is not even dating, let alone looking for marriage. My second son is a junior at a Christian college and will be going into law enforcement. He is also tall, good-looking, smart, hard-working, and very popular. He is playing the field, not dating seriously. The youngest is obviously not of marrying age, but he is seriously estranged from his mother.

    The reason? Their Christian mother filed for divorce, without biblical grounds and contrary to our pastor’s and Christian marriage counselor’s advice, 4.5 years ago, after 26 years of marriage. She later withdrew that filing but then re-filed two years later. The divorce was final a little over a year ago. She immediately began dating online, then met, “fell in love” with, and married a twice-divorced man who lives 400 miles away — all within a span of 13 months. She has now relocated, taking our 18-year old special needs daughter with her.

    My sons are shell-shocked, both by the unbiblical divorce (commonly referred to in the “manosphere” as a frivolous divorce, or a “frivorce”) and by the rush into an unbiblical remarriage. They are asking themselves why they should even contemplate marriage when their primary example of Christian womanhood and wifehood has demonstrated that nothing protects them from a unilateral, frivolous divorce at any time — not the law, not the woman’s profession of faith, not the input of Christian counselors, not the church (which is afraid to step in or “take sides”), not the length of the marriage, not even the interests of the children. Perhaps most importantly for this audience, my sons also saw that other Christian women will do nothing to protect them from a frivolous divorce.

    I’ve learned that mine is not at all an isolated situation. In fact, two-thirds of all divorces today are initiated by wives, and only rarely for non-frivolous/biblical reasons.

    So, if you really want to raise the level of interest in marriage for Christian young men and/or increase the number of potential suitors for your daughters, (1) don’t divorce their fathers and (2) don’t sit silently by while your Christian sisters initiate frivolous divorces.


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