Nudity and the Christian Worldview

From an excellent piece by Robin Phillips:

Given the premium the Bible places on modesty, one would expect Christians to reject public displays of nudity on television. Sadly, however, millions of Christians have come to treat sex scenes as a normal and accepted part of their viewing habits, especially if it is only one scene in an otherwise good movie. They will often justify watching these scenes in the same way they will justify watching gratuitous violence, by claiming that it does not affect them.

When I hear Christians say that watching sex scenes in movies does not affect them, I sometimes wonder if the shoe isn’t actually on the other foot. If someone can honestly claim that viewing erotic nudity does not affect him, then this seems the clearest evidence that such content has already had a marked effect. This is because such a person is admitting to having become so desensitized that viewing a body that is bare, or partially bare, has become merely commonplace like looking at someone’s elbow. It is not a sign of maturity to be unaffected by cinematic sex, or even plain nudity, since there is a hardening up process that must occur before a person can view such scenes detached and non-sexually. The same applies, of course, to scenes containing graphic violence….

The Bible makes clear that ever since the fall of man, nudity was meant to be associated with sexuality. After our innocence was lost, trying to regularize nudity can only happen through demystifying the human body and repressing our sexuality. And that is precisely what is occurring today. If we reach the point where nothing fazes us, where we can enjoy a beach party with virtually unclad men and women, or think that we can watch various stages of nudity in movies without it affecting us, then we are the losers. What have we lost? We have lost the ability to be naturally sexual as God originally designed. We have in effect let ourselves become functionally neutered in one crucially important area.

Read the entire piece at THIS LINK. “Dymystifying” sexuality is not something to be celebrated but something to grieve about. The beauty of God-given sexuality is a gift we should cherish–not something we should so mistreat that it becomes a ho-hum item to yawn over or treat as trivial.

8 thoughts on “Nudity and the Christian Worldview

  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Amen. It is not just this but what we see when trying to buy groceries for goodness sake. I have promised myself the next time I see someones bottom…. almost half of it exposed while bent over to see something…. I for one am going to take compassion on this poor person and let them know their rear end is hanging way out.
    Somebody has to start saying something, silence is how we ended up in this mess….Thanks again, Jodi


  2. I believe that feminism is mainly responsible for the plague of public immodesty. They encourage and promote a casting off of all restraint and decency.

    A case in point is the vile feminist play which I will refer to as “The Vulgar Monologues” which is touring Northern Ireland at present and which I am seeking to have banned as an obscenity. Feminists want men and women to openly discuss private matters as if it was no different to talking about the weather.

    By the way, the first comment on this article was impure, even though the lady concerned means well. She needs to address these matters with decency and nobility.


  3. Mrs. White – What is worse? Talking about it or having it flaunted in your face? Personally, I think it’s time more people started to talk about it. Some of these young women honestly have no clue as to what is vulgar and what is not. And Jodi’s use of the words “rear end” and “bottom” are good mommy ways of saying what needed to be said.


  4. Mrs. McDonald,

    I have a DVD entitled “The Monstrous Regiment of Women” and on it, you talk about the importance of modesty and purity. As a response to your comment on my comment, I’ll let you speak for youself and I’ll now quote word for word a short excerpt of the comments you made on the DVD.

    “When my daughters walk into a room, I want them to communicate virginity, I want them to communicate purity and loveliness. If they dress or talk or carry themselves like they’re impure, then that’s what they’re communicating.”

    The comments by Jodi you seek to defend are impure, and in defending such unlovely, unladylike words, you are capitulating to feminism, which would have us all engage in gutter speech.

    Have you ever opposed the Vulgar Monologues which I am doing along with my husband? How could you oppose wicked Eve Ensler’s Monologues when you defend Jodi for using similar degrading talk? The only difference between her coarse talk and theirs is one of degree.

    If Jodi’s words were brought to the bar of Scripture, particularly Philippians ch. 4 v. 8, would they pass that test of beauty?


  5. Mrs. White,

    Perhaps it is cultural. Maybe in Ireland the words “bottom” and “rear end” are thought of as “bad words.” But in the US, these words are what I call “mommy words.” My children use the word bottom if, for some reason, they need to refer to that body part – and that is perfectly acceptable to me. I would hate for someone to accuse them of speaking in an “impure” manner for telling me their bottom hurts etc.

    Though Jodi did not use vulgar language, or make any sort of lewd or crass reference to body parts, you publicly rebuked her, claiming that what she said was “impure.” I winced when I saw what you wrote about her (you didn’t even address her directly).

    One thing to consider – my mother used to remind me that to publicly point out someone else’s “bad manners” you have to use bad manners yourself. In other words, if you have to break the royal law (James 2:8) to point out someone else’s perceived lack of “decency” or “nobility,” it could be that you’re really not being very decent or noble yourself.


  6. Hello,

    I am a young Christian woman living together with my Christian boyfriend.He is amazing,he does all that God commend is for us, but one thing I feel fery uncomfortable and hurt about. He likes watching normal films(not porn)which often have strong sexual scenes. I don`t think it is right to watch any films with exposed sex.But then my love thinks I am silly.I cant expect him to altogether not watch normal films, or movies anymore.But I don`t want him to watch other woman making sex, I think God gave sex to be intimate, and view only in marriage.What would be the right thing to do?JGJ


    1. JGJ, since God created sexual intimacy for marriage, you first need to reevaluate your “Christian” boyfriend. He is not doing all God commands if he is living with you out of wedlock and “entertaining” himself with soft-core pornography. The right thing to do would be to move out and practice chastity until marriage — marriage to a godly man who cherishes womanhood too much to violate it or exploit someone for his own pleasure. Your situation is both unbiblical and dangerous. I don’t say this to hurt you but to speak the truth in love. Respect your God-given femininity by waiting until marriage and committing to faithfulness, and be willing to wait for a man who has the same commitment to purity. You cannot build lifelong love and trust on such a shaky foundation as you’re standing on right now.


  7. A good post and some lovely replies I so agree “when my daughters walk in I want them to communicate virginity” etc so true.

    The fact is that in our culture in all it’s forms nudity has a sexual conitation and if you believe that the only place for sex is the marriage bed then modesty is so so important.

    What I love about LAF is that we can be ‘sexist’ so I can say that although I think men also have a duty to be modest I do believe as women it is even more important as it is a matter of dignity, femininity and ultimately chastity to dress modestly.


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