The Family Presented as Antidote to Economic Crisis

And now for something encouraging and motivating when it comes to reviving the biblical “household economy.”

A rabbi who spoke of the family, an economist who spoke of morality, a priest who spoke of conjugal love. All this took place during the meeting “The Family as an Engine of Economic Growth: Values and Prospects,” which took place Tuesday afternoon in the Regina Room of the lower house of the Italian Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies….

The meeting, organized by AISES, the International Academy for Economic and Social Development, examined what is one of the most debated topics in this new year: the family. The symposium was introduced by Maurizio Lupi, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, who described the family as the “first social shock absorber of the economic crisis.”

“The family must become not an element but the element of economic development, and on this we have found more agreement than opposition,” said Lupi. This is reflected in the recent government budget package that for the first time includes an increase in exemptions for families.

Read the full piece at THIS LINK.

From the reader who submitted this article:

You simply must read this!! To the detractors of both yourself and LAF, sorry, but LAF was right, is right, has always been right!! A brilliant and courageous article and  symposium  especially in these times where the radical left has atempted (failingly so) to reinvent our entire society after its own twisted image…

God’s truth will out!!

Mrs. Sarah E.

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