Unnatural Selection

From Mercatornet:

A book by a pro-choice feminist faces up to an unintended consequence of the West’s fertility war. This brave and timely book has many strengths and one glaring, but understandable, weakness. The strength of this book is the reporting. Mara Hvistendahl, a liberal, pro-choice feminist, painstakingly documents the catastrophic consequences of the worldwide “choice” for male babies: gender imbalance leading to prostitution, sex slavery, and male frustration and aggression. The weakness of this book is the political analysis. She doesn’t understand how deeply Roe v. Wade changed American political culture, particularly within the conservative movement broadly conceived. But both these strengths and weaknesses work together to yield an honest and courageous book that should be read by anyone who considers himself (or herself) well informed….

The consequences of the gender imbalance brought on by the Western war on fertility expose its bare brutality. French demographer Christophe Guilmoto estimates that roughly 163 million baby girls are missing in the world today. This is approximately the population of women in the United States. This magnitude of a sex-ratio imbalance means that when all these little boys grow up to be men, there will not be enough women for them all to marry.

Read the full piece at THIS LINK. (Not for young readers.) Men and women are both created in the image of God, so selecting girls for extermination violates their God-given right to life. I’m glad to see a feminist facing up to this reality, which has been the result of abortion-on-demand and the often violently enforced one-child policy in China.

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