Modesty is Unremarkable


My daughters told me recently that modest clothing is unremarkable in itself, but remarkable in its potential effects. Ironically, the benefit of modest clothing is its transparency, so to speak. Modest clothing attracts attention neither to itself nor to the superficial qualities of the person wearing it. In fact, by not being a distraction or an end in itself, modest clothing allows the character of the person to become more evident.

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2 thoughts on “Modesty is Unremarkable

  1. I think That’s true but modest and feminine clothing also does more. It demonstrates to the world what you value and how you want to be seen. It shows respect to God, your husband (or future husband) and other women. It changes how you behave and how others behave towards you.


  2. I like modesty, it’s much better on my male eye! I’m tired of all the distracting, sexualised, clothes women wears these days. I can hardly bear to walk outside for fear of seeing a pretty lady wearing what amounts to “come hither” clothes.

    (sighs). I stay home, just to have rest for my eyes, and my mind, too. Read, write, that’s about it. (sighs).

    When will more women wise up?


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