The Coming Demographic Catastrophe

We picked up our local paper last Tuesday to read the lead story: that Kenya would begin a strong contraceptive push to bring down its population growth in the next 20 years. Key to the article was the easy-to-miss one-line admission that foreign aid to East Africa is now dependent on the EA community’s acceptance of western birth control policies. In other words, Kenya either pushes birth control and gets foreign aid or ignores it and sees the funds dry up. Instead of looking around at the real demographic crisis looming (hint: it’s not overpopulation) in European nations like Greece, Italy, and Spain, the Kenyan government has been eager to assure WHO representatives that it will, indeed, work to make sure there are fewer Kenyans in the next generation. This is tragic.

When the prevailing worldview proclaims that people are the problem and that the answer to poverty is fewer people, what else can we expect? China’s firm belief in population control has meant the deaths of millions of Chinese girls by sex-selective abortion (and many other Asian nations have followed suit). In the meantime, Russia’s birthrate has fallen to such lows that Prime Minister Putin is running for office on a platform of paying families to have children. But promising tax-funded benefits is like throwing gasoline on the fire in the hopes of putting it out. Greece is now crumbling beneath the weight of its impossible-to-balance welfare state (not enough young people/taxpayers to support the growing list of retirees on state pensions). So what’s the answer?

The family economy. A vibrant household economy (where homes are a center of production instead of rampant consumerism) is the stable foundation of national economies. I’ve got an article in the works about the vital career of the home for women (married and unmarried). Until then, I highly recommend the 2012 Family Economics Conference March 8-10 sponsored by Generations with Vision. Living in East Africa, our family won’t be able to attend, but it promises to be a life-changing conference for those new to the household economy model. It’s a model that worked for millennia. Getting back to it is imperative if we want to see our economy thrive once again. Even if you can’t attend, take some time to read through the vision statement and watch the video! Also check out Venture Academy’s “How to Build a Business for God’s Glory” DVD series (now on sale through February 24–use coupon code “FAMILYWORKS” at checkout to get 35% off).

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