Fathers without jobs

From Carolyn Moynihan at Mercatornet:

As men sometimes complain, they have tended to be overlooked in the great exodus of women from the home into the workforce and other changes affecting women and motherhood during the past 50-60 years. However, higher rates of unemployment among men in a changing economy has recently drawn some attention back to the ordinary male of the species….

One of the things that is clear from the research that has been done is that working-class men do not readily accept the egalitarian model of domestic life and suffer when they lose the provider role. A new study that explored depression among fathers in the US tends to confirm this….

The researchers call this “a brand new, and unique finding with profound implications for the health and development of children in this time of extremely high rates of unemployment.” They add that,

Fathers play profoundly important roles in the lives of children and families, and are all too often forgotten in our efforts to help children. These new findings, we hope, will be useful to much needed efforts to develop strategies to identify and treat the very large number of fathers with depression.”

Prevention would be a great thing too. Is it too politically incorrect to ask for a special effort to retrain men who have lost their jobs, with a view to preserving or improving their mental health and strengthening families?

Read the full piece HERE. The collateral damage of feminism goes largely unreported, so this study is a refreshing change. There’s so much wrong with our modern economy that I can’t even begin on it in a short post, but this is a place to start.

One thought on “Fathers without jobs

  1. Good article… Women are more productive than men I guess.. So that’s why they keep their jobs. But is it right? A lot of things are not right nowadays!


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