Marriage or savagery: Lithuania debates the family

This is an good piece from Mercatornet’s Family Edge:

Some of the most interesting debates on family policies are taking place in the European countries of the former Soviet bloc. In 2008, Lithuania passed legislation to define “family” as the married union of a man and a woman together with their children, adopted or biological. The point was key in terms of who gets the money the state earmarks to support families….

Lithuania is, of course, not without its “family diversity” champions, but a majority of MPs so far seems to support the move to enshrine a traditional definition of the family in the Constitution.

Read the full piece HERE. It is refreshing to see that more countries are waking up to realize that, without solid foundations that do not shift on a whim, their nations and cultures will “degenerate.” The prime minister also noted that redefining the family is not an issue of choice, saying, “No one is proposing to ban anything. If people want to live unmarried and have children, they will continue to do so freely, but why should that be called family?” This is precisely how biblical ethics work. You cannot pass laws to eliminate immorality, because people are still sinners. However, that doesn’t mean you remove all definitions and laws and have an “anything goes” policy. The results are chaotic and tend toward ruin, as we see happening all across the West now.

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