A French Revolutionary Scolds Mothers

On this day when we celebrate moms, it’s amazing there are women in the world who think motherhood is denigrating and without real worth:

Simone De Beauvoir famously said that being a full-time mother should be illegal because too many women would enjoy it. Badinter does not advocate criminalizing motherhood. She just wants to keep it heavily stigmatized. Motherhood, when it is trumpeted as something fulfilling and pleasurable, gives the cause a bad name.

To modern mothers, Badinter hurls the accusation of betrayal. The enemy is no longer only men; it is other women. They have set up an impossible ideal of close, all-natural mothering.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines status as the “relative social standing or professional position.” It is one of those buzzwords in the feminist phrase book. To a feminist there is no such thing as status that is not accompanied by professional success, or at least economic independence. Badinter believes women must collectively march toward universal “status.”

Read the full piece at The Thinking Housewife.

2 thoughts on “A French Revolutionary Scolds Mothers

  1. Does anyone else find it ironic that the very culture denegrading motherhood as an ignoble pursuit (when compared to a career) sets aside one day to honor mothers as some of the most influential people in the world?


  2. See I know how the feminist feel! It is NOT by any means right. But growing up with a single Mother who was a pipe fitter in the shipyard for over 18 years! Being a mother, staying home and caring for my husband is scarred with feminism that I have to fight on a daily bases (with the Lord’s grace). I grew up with my mother telling me it was her life and she could do what she wanted. Also being told she never wanted children and I didn’t need a man for anything! I long to jump off the edge so to speak and grab the freedom that is mine which is JOYFULLY staying home, caring for my precious babies and hubby! Knowing without a doubt that this is beautiful wonderful and yes kingdom building and God glorifying and honor calling!!! I have those days where I am joyful excited and happy to be taking care and training everyone but there are also those days when that feminist will pop her most horrible head and demand her way and I become one discontented joyless questioning woman. In words of Paul I do what I don’t want to do and don’t do what I want…… There is hope in that it is in Christ that I can be what I should be, now to have the patience to wait as I am being changed daily!


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