Childless on Mother’s Day

From Lauren Casper’s blog:

There are so many women in our lives who are hurting and who dread Mother’s Day. We may not even recognize them but they are there. They’re the ones who dread church on Sunday morning and perhaps choose to stay home. They are dreading the sermon that will inevitably be geared toward mothers. They are dreading the moment when all the mothers are asked to stand while they remain seated. They are feeling like they are somehow less of a woman because they haven’t been awarded that badge of honor that comes with being called “Mama.”

The pain is real and searing. Let’s not forget these women in our excitement over cards, flowers, gifts, and breakfasts made by little hands. Let’s not forget that we live in a broken world and while we might be living our dream there are so many who feel like their dreams have been tossed in the dirt and stomped all over. Let’s be a little more sensitive to those around us on Sunday. Let’s open our hearts and our arms.

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2 thoughts on “Childless on Mother’s Day

  1. This is me.

    I have a nearly 13 yo dd but was married 12 years before her birth. I know the pain of staying home from church on Mother’s Day. I still re-live that hurt and grieve the babies I never carried.

    Now I have a strained relationship with both my parents. If I can only make it through Father’s Day…………………


  2. This was me for 6 yrs. we were finally able to have children with the help of IVF. This past yr I’ve conceived naturally ( something that’s never happened to me) twice, and miscarried both babies. So while my arms are full this mothers day, I ache for those babies I’ve lost and I also ache for those ladies struggling w infertility as I did. It is a heartbreaking journey that I would not wish for anyone to have to take. I avoided family get togethers, church etc as I did not want to face questions about when was I going to start having children-we were trying, it just wasn’t happening for us. I still have no official reason for my troubles after all I’ve been through, but I’m blessed w three little boys and hopefully two more little one that will be successful ivf transfers soon 🙂


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