2 thoughts on “Building a Marriage That Lasts…One Day at a Time

  1. Ah, in another piece here you explained what I mention perfectly

    “””In his book Man and Woman God Made Them, Jean Vanier describes why pinning such high hopes to marriage is doomed. He writes, “The human heart thirsts for a paradise and an eternal wedding feast.… So many of the young who lack maturity believe that marriage will be this paradise. But then they discover that it is a school of life and love; it is a place of transformation.” Put another way, the reality of life in a fallen world grinds the marriage fantasy to dust. “””

    Think about what the church teaches men and women…especially those raised in church.
    Men hear “men step up” messages for years, and male effacing humor from pastors as to how we are bumbelrs but cute and cuddly and you perfect ladies give us a wink and nudge and let us slide

    Women hear that men are innately sinful, more so than women, and but for the moral guidance of a good women we WILL fall into sin

    Together they hear that we men dont get how to communicate, then follows the “listen dont fix” nonsense lecture, not asking men to occasionally bend our nature….no……jettison it totally as in there is NEVER a time to fix, not listen (staying with that one thing)

    Finally, in the task list of the modern evangelical megachurch we have laid a new layer of expectation on the man, the spiritual leader task list. I’ve actually seen that listed as a reason a woman was unhappy in her marriage to the point of divorce.

    There is much you ladies here could do to speak on this….I invite you to do so, the men, well, our issues are pretty well covered everywhere else


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