“It Changed the Way I Parent!” Now in Paperback!

I compiled the devotional ebook, When Motherhood Feels Too Hard, for myself when motherhood truly felt too hard. I desperately needed to be reminded, (against the lies of the culture around me), renewed and encouraged to see the importance of pouring my life into the next generation; and I needed the Lord to bear me up on the wings of His strength.

I had no idea how He would use this little book to renew the vision of women everywhere, to spur them on in the work that Satan would so love to thwart.

“As I read this book, I became inspired to once again take up the challenge, but great privilege, of raising children who will love our Lord. To stop [focusing] on how hard it can become but instead taking it day by day, even moment by moment, concentrating on my relationship with my children…” -Amazon review

I got floods of requests to get the ebook published, so I did!

Pre-order now and get $2 off the retail price!

$8.99 $6.99

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Bless a mother you know!

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