The Need to Breed

Here is a great post from Get Along Home that bluntly states an obvious truth that our short sighted, “me centered” modern society seems to be oblivious to:

We don’t seem to understand (and by “we”, I mean “not me”) that children are a literal investment. You have to put in the work to get the payoff. You can’t contribute no people to the future and then expect that future to go well for you any more than you can put zero dollars into your 401K and expect it to be there when you’re ready to retire. I hate to have to spell all this out, because a) it feels like talking down to people and b) it’s not even all that interesting to think about, but apparently there is a large number of people of reproductive age who actually need these bald facts pointed out to them before it is too late for them to decide to procreate for their own good.

Click here to read the rest. For a detailed look at the  very real consequences of  an anti-child mindset watch Demographic Winter and Demographic Bomb

3 thoughts on “The Need to Breed

  1. I tried to leave a comment on Jennifer’s site, but kept getting a “programming error”. I wanted to say that for me, this was extremely sad albeit right on the money. You need to read this. Children are not like kittens and puppies – if they aren’t convenient, you can find new homes for cats/dogs, but not for children. So many people in today’s world don’t want to be “burdened”….after all, children might interfere with their fun! or spending their money! But being as how I am older than my Beloved Husband, I fear the day I just might be in a nursing home. Now, he has promised me that I will *never* have to go to one as long as he can care for me. I am holding to that promise. It’s scarey. Having no $ left towards long-term care, I would be at the mercy of Medicaid. Enough said. I was greatly saddened by this posting, but it’s honest and on target, and I do appreciate that. Thank you for putting this on LAF….we all need to read it and take it to heart.

    Kathleen in IL


  2. This is a dumb question, I know, but what does this all mean for the singles in our midst? They can hardly be blamed for not having had children, can they?

    (The other point is that the number of never-married singles in the Christian community isn’t insignificant, and – given the priorities of LAF – it affects more women than men as well).


  3. In response to “Hobbit,”
    I believe that Mrs. McBride, is speaking to married couples who can have children but choose not to out of selfishness. However, for those who are single, they should take Mrs. McBride’s article into consideration so that they can do a self-examination to see if they have an anti-child mindset also. If so they can take this season of singleness to pursue God’s guidance on His mandate to be fruitful and multiply.


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