More people waking up to the college illusion

We’ve been saying for years that the brick-and-mortar model was outdated and would go the way of the dodo. We’ve been mocked and misquoted and told we’re trying to prevent women from getting an education, when that’s absolutely not the case. We’re just in favor of a real education that doesn’t involve a lifetime of debt repayment and brainwashing in leftist philosophies. Now we’re finding more and more articles in mainstream publications and on education blogs that are dismissing the idea of the four-year campus-centered model of higher education. Here are just a couple of new ones we love:

6 thoughts on “More people waking up to the college illusion

  1. I first commented a while back on a post similar to this one. To recap, I’m currently a senior in public high school preparing to be funneled into a university. I have no desire to go to college, and I don’t feel that God is leading me to go to college either. At this point it doesn’t look as though I’ll get a full scholarship, which means I’ll have to take out student loans that will leave me thousands of dollars in debt by the time my four years are up. I have tried to present alternatives to my parents, but they absolutely will not hear of me not going to college. That $100,000 piece of paper is all-important to them.

    I have no clue what to do. Any advice?


    1. Opal, have you checked into local college and online options that will not involve the debt and compromise? Have you considered apprenticing with a certified nurse midwife or doing something else that will allow you to keep your convictions without jumping into the abyss of debt? Frankly, I do not believe your parents can force you to sign loan documents that imprison you for much of the rest of your life. To do so would be sinful tyranny. Do you have any older family members to whom you can appeal for help (grandparents, etc.)? It’s worth doing everything you can to present alternatives to your folks so they can see you are weighing this decision wisely…particularly in our current economic situation, which is anything BUT encouraging for students with loans to repay.


  2. Doula’s are really popular now, and you could work for yourself. If you want to work in labor and delivery become a doula, market yourself- dave ramsey’s website has lots of book suggestions on marketing, and save up your money to go to school to become a midwife per your state’s regulations. Although, you might enjoy being a doula even more and just stick with that. Read up a lot about breastfeeding, women are really wanting to breastfeed but they’re having troubles, and there’s not a lot of places to turn to for accurate breastfeeding information. YOu could help moms postpartum with breastfeeding. There’s lots of opportunities to make a living. Also, look up some blogs by Doulas and start reading now. ( ha i hope this is what you were thinking about career wise, otherwise my post is in vain lol)


  3. Hi Opal,

    If your parents insist on you going to college, have you considered community college as an alternative? It is much, much less expensive than a four-year university and you could probably live at home. You can earn an associate’s degree in two years. You might find something there that you’d like to study that would provide you with valuable skills and experience if you become a stay-at-home mom someday, In just two years, you could study early childhood education, nursing, culinary arts, nutrition, physical therapy assistant, just to throw out a few examples.

    Or maybe your parents will allow you to take online courses. They are also often available at community colleges, as well at universities these days.

    God will give you the desires of your heart — you just might not get there as fast as you’d like.


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