Daughters of Eve – What I want to teach my daughter about biblical womanhood from Genesis by Karin Viet

My daughter is a jabbering, vivacious toddler, but she’s not too young to be introduced to her great, great, great . . . grandma Eve. In the evenings, she gets excited about “Bible time” with Daddy and Mommy, and she looks at Bible pictures as we read her Scripture. During brief moments of reflection between diaper changes or cleaning out her highchair, I’m gripped by my responsibility to show her what it means to be a “woman who fears the Lord” (Proverbs 31:30)—something she certainly won’t pick up from the culture that surrounds her. As she grows, I have so much to teach her to affirm and articulate about Genesis as it relates to biblical womanhood.

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3 thoughts on “Daughters of Eve – What I want to teach my daughter about biblical womanhood from Genesis by Karin Viet

  1. Taht is a big issue…yes. Eventhough my parents were catholic, i had not been in church since i was8 or so… But i converted back later in live. Now however, my husband (who is a converter too) and i must bring up christian offspring. Last night i said to my husband:”how are we going to do it. Raise a girl/woman whith a goog formal education, good homemaking skills, good needlewoman, good cook etc. Strong enough to defenr her faith in our mostly non christian society…and at the same time make her humble and submit herselve to her parents and after mariage her husband.

    She started school now (school starts at 4 years here, and homeschooling is not allowed) and it gets real now… So i keep wondering what is the best approach..esp. since she is a bit laizy 😦


  2. irisT, I am so glad to hear that you’re thinking about the work before you and the results of what you plan to do in shepherding your daughter.

    I would encourage you to use the Word. If you have a good bible at hand use it daily in her life. Growing up, studying the Word was most influential in my life, remedying laziness and a host of other things. As she’s too young now, your example of seeking God’s wisdom from His Word and explaining it to her, modeling it for her, she’ll look to you and model her life after your faith.

    4 is a great age. They watch and admire others very easily. It also means they are very impressionable. If moving to where your right to home school is an option, I’d strongly suggest it. If fighting for your liberty to home school is an option, I’d strongly suggest it.

    Praying that as you seek the Lord’s wisdom on this, you’ll find confidence in His direction.


  3. I donot think moving is possible…We live in the Netherlands, and my husband only speaks dutch…
    But i watch over her. On my day of i let her (make her) help with laundry folding, cleaning and cooking. And she only watches bible dvds.

    but it is difficult.
    Raising my two boys in to husbands who can lead a family, provide for one and be gentle to their wifes etc will be a task too. Luckly they are only 2,5 and 11 months .


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